15th Shaban And Prayers For The Special Night

Generally, Muslims are aware of the importance and significance of the month of Shaban in Islam. From an Islamic point of view, the month of Shaban is special because it enables Muslims to prepare for Ramadan.

During this month, Muslims should fast, worship Allah and recite and read Quran more than normal because Allah keeps a tab on the deeds of Muslims and listens to their prayers more fervently. This does not mean that Allah is not aware of the deeds of Muslims during other days. This just means that it is a blessed month during which Allah allows them to make up for their past wrongdoings.

15th Shaban

One of the most important days during this month is the 15th of Shaban. The day is considered important because during this day, Allah Almighty decides on the matters of life, death, sustenance, wealth and welfare of all the people. Therefore, Muslims are urged to worship Allah a little extra during this day, seek His forgiveness and the forgiveness of other individuals.

After the night of Qadar, the night of 15th Shaban is considered the most fortunate and favorable night in Islam. It is also known as the night of Barat. It is believed that Allah will fulfill all legitimate desires and wishes that are placed in front of Allah during this night.

Special Prayers and Deeds for 15th Shaban

On the 15th of Shaban, following deeds and prayers are preferred.

  1. Taking bath and wearing clean and new clothes.
  2. Staying up to pray, worship Allah and read Quran all night long till dawn.
  3. Recite: Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Allahuakbar and Lailaaha illallah 100 times each.
  4. Offer a 4 rakaat prayer. In every rakaat, offer Surah Fatiha and Surah Ikhlaas 100 times each. After the salaam, recite the following dua,

“Allaahumma  Innee  ilayka  fa2eerun  wa  min   a’d'aabika  khaa-ifun  mustajeer . Allaahumma  laa   tubaddilismee  wa laa  taghayyir  jismee  wa laa  tajhad   balaa-ee  wa  laa  tushmit  bee  aa’-daa-ee . A-o’ad’u   bi-a’fwika  min  i’qaabika. Wa  a-o’od’u  birah’matika   min  a’d'aabiki  wa  a-o’od’u  bi-riz”aaka  min   sakhat’ika  wa  a-o’od’u  bika  minka. Jallaat   thanaaa-uka  anta  kamaa  athnayta  a’laa  nafsika   wa  fawqa  maa  yaqoolul  qaaa-iloon”

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) would recite the following dua in sajdah usually after the tahajjud prayers.

“Sajada  Laka  Sawaadee  Wa  Khayaalee  Wa   Aamana  Bika  Fuw-Aadee. Haad’ihi  Yadaaya  Wa  Maa  Janaytuhu  A’laa   Nafsee  Yaa  A’z'eem  Turjaa  Likulli  A’z'eemin. Ighfir  Liyal  A’z'eema  Fa-Innahu  Laa   Yaghfirud’d'anbal  A’z'eema Illar  Rabbul  A’z'eem.”

Surah Yaseen

If Surah Yaseen is recited three times a day, it helps earn numerous awards. The three times recitation of Surah Yaseen corresponds to having a long life, having a prosperous life and having safety and precaution from misfortune.

Other Recommended Deeds

Imam Moosa-e-Kazim recommends fasting during the last three days of this month. This is because this month has numerous rewards and blessings for those who submit their selves whole heartedly towards Allah.


Therefore, the night of 15th Shaban has incredible importance in Islam. Reciting Quran and praying all night long is highly recommended during this day. This will allow you to gather as many blessings as you can.

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