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Eternal Blessings of Fasting Six Days in Shawwal after Ramadan

Do you fall back to the same routine after Ramadan and trying to uphold the activities that you have once shunt in Ramadan? Do not relinquish what you have in hands and what you have achieved in the last month of Ramadan. To continue this habit even after Ramada, Allah has blessed the Muslims with

Celebrate Eid Ul Fitar 2016 with Prophet (PBUH) Sunnah

The festivity of Eid is known to every person in the globe and is a ritual, which is celebrated by the Muslims to commemorate the end of Ramadan to rejoice the blessings afterwards. The literal meanings of Eid are happiness and joy because Muslims all over the world celebrate it with zeal and fervor. As

Tips To Stay Healthy In the Last Ten Days of Ramadan

The Holy month of Ramadan is coming to an end and only Allah Almighty knows that whether we will be granted with other Ramadan or not. Last ten days of Ramadan are blessed days in which Allah has asked the Muslims to seek the power of night, which is equivalent to the night of thousand

8 Acts That You Can Do on This Lailat Ul Qadar 2016

Laylat-ul-Qadar is described as the night of power – the night of forgiveness, which is to atone the sins on which a single deed done is better than the deeds done in one thousand month such as reciting Quran about which the Holy book says: Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to do worship on this night

Know How To Strengthen Your Relation With Allah This Ramadan

And then whilst surfing on facebook a post just strangled me in its words that were beautifully intertwined and intrinsically quoted in words. The words were depiction of pure love with our creator, which needs to be invigorated now and then. There are some special rituals and days when the mighty Lord is so close

Customize Your Dua for Ramadan – Seek What and When to Ask

A year has passed since the last Ramadan we have spent and it was a year full of blessings, worship, joys, and regret. Now yet again we have stepped into a new year in which we can mend what we forgot to do in previous Ramadan and what we did not accomplish because of either