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Etiquettes of Reading the Holy Quran

Quran is the last sacred Holy Book of Almighty Allah revealed on last Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Quran is not just the book but it is the wording of Almighty Allah so it’s obligatory on all of us to respect it. It holds distinction in itself from all books of rest of the world in being

Importance and Benefits of Following Prophet’s Sunnah

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the last Prophet of Allah Almighty. Allah (SWT) has motivated His Messenger (PBUH) with two kinds of revelation: the Quran and the Sunnah. The Sunnah refers to everything that is said, done or admitted by the Prophet (SAW).  For Muslims, their true love is for Prophet Muhammad (SAW) whose entire life

The History of Revelation and Compilation of Quran

Holy Quran is the 4th and last sacred book of Almighty Allah revealed on Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Quran is the Book of guidance for all mankind. The responsibility of the safety of this Holy Book is taken by Almighty Allah by Himself. Quran is a source of great inspiration, guidance, and wisdom for millions of

Islamic Way of Life- Key Principles of Life According to Islam

“Islam” is an Arabic word that means “peace through the submission to Lord”. We as a Muslim submit ourselves in front of Almighty Allah. Islam is the religion of over one billion people in the world. It is the religion and complete way of life. Islam gives us key principles of how to live life

Equality in Islam-Islam Spread the Message of Equality

Islam is the complete code of life in which we can learn about all things which we are facing in our daily lives. Islam is the religion of equality. We can take guidance from Quran in which Allah Almighty mentioned the solutions of all problems. In the eyes of Almighty Allah, all people are equal

Brief History of Kindness of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the last prophet of Almighty Allah and Quran the last sacred Holy book also revealed to him.  We can learn a lot from the history of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).Prophet Muhammad (SAW) lived his life according to Quran as Allah mentioned in Quran. He (SAW) did practically what Allah Almighty mentioned in