The Common Beliefs Christianity And Judaism Share With Islam

Among religions of this world, the prominent religions that are ancient and have followers that are prominent in numerous areas of the world include Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. These three religions have a long history, which is full of one opposing the other and striving for its own survival.

Common Beliefs between Christianity and Judaism Share With Islam

The followers of these religions have long been fighting over the differences between the beliefs. However, there are certain values and beliefs that these religions have in common. This writing identifies the beliefs of Islam that are shared by Christianity and Judaism, along with how Muslims perceive about Christians and Jews.

1. Monotheism:

The biggest belief that Islam shares with Christianity and Judaism is the belief in one God. According to these three religions, there is only one Creator who has created this world and the universe. This Creator is the lord of all and all the human dogmas and heavenly instructions come from him. The religions believe in the Supremacy of God, and the history of humans is the almost the same in all these religions. The creation of world, the interaction of God with humans, the expulsion of Satan all these are the same in these religion with slight narrative variations.

2. After Life:

The second belief commonly shared by these religions is the afterlife. Both Christianity and Judaism have the concept of after life, where there will be the judgment day, the dead will be resurrected, and heaven or hell will be allotted to people according to their deeds in this world. Those who have followed the instructions of God will go to heavens, while those who strayed from the instructions will go to hell and have an eternal life there.

3. Prophets:

For Muslims, Muhammad (PBUH) is the final Prophet of God. On the other hand, Christians and Jews believe their Prophets, Moses (AS) and Jesus (AS) to be sent from God. All Muslims and Islam agree on the fact that Moses and Jesus were sent by God and were authentic Prophets.

4. Peace:

Like Islam, Judaism and Christianity preach the message of peace. Regardless of the broader message of universal peace they preach, even the greetings in the religions are same which connote ‘peace be upon you’, as in Islam its “Assalam-o-Alaikum”, “shalom Aleichem” in Judaism, and “pax vobiscum” in Christianity.

5. Spread of Religion:

Like Islam, every religion has their heroes who have fought for the spread of their religion. Joshua and King David for Jews, Richard the Lion Heart for Christians, is the same as Saladin for Muslims. All these religions have done their best to spread their religion, and it is one of the preaching of their religion to do as much as possible for the spread of religion.

Perception Of Muslims Regarding Christianity and Judaism:

The perception of Muslims regarding Judaism and Christianity hails from Quran. Muslims believe on teaching Quran to the new entrants and children so that they have an understanding about other religions. In Quran it is written:

“Say, We believe in God, and in what has been revealed to us, and in what has been sent down to Abraham and Ismail and Isaac and Jacob and their offspring, and what has been revealed to Moses and Jesus and to all the prophets of our Lord. We make no distinction between them and we submit to Him and Obey”. (Quran 3:84)

In this ayah of Quran, it is clear that Muslims out to believe in the Prophecy of Jesus and Moses. Therefore, all Muslims revere Jesus and Moses, and regard them as true prophets of God. Moreover, when it comes to the books of Jews and Christians, Muslims, share a belief that God also revealed His word in the form of Books on both these nations, however, there books are not in the true form and there is human fabrication in them. Therefore, according to Muslims, Qur’an reading is the only source to true guidance and blessing of God.

Another objection of Muslims against Christian is regarding the concept of trinity. Muslims believe that there is no God but Allah, He has no son or daughter, therefore, the concept of Jesus being the son of God is rejected by Muslims.


In short, the world of today needs to focus on the similarities between these religions if there is to be world peace. The monotheistic belief, the message of peace and the common concepts of evil and good among these religions are reason enough for them to co-exist in peace and harmony.

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