Curing Stress With The Help Of Holy Quran

One of the contemporary menaces that have been haunting humans across the world for years and the intensity of which keeps on increasing with every passing day is Stress. It is the most common disease that is experienced by people belonging to different regions, different classes, and different cultural and social settings across the globe.

Stress is primarily a cognitive thing and the more a person is able to control his or her mind, the better they can combat and cure stress. Thus, if a person has such a framework available that feeds the right thoughts and the right approach towards life to the brain, then that person is surely either to keep stress at bay or if it does happen that person could combat it effectively.

For a Muslim combating stress is easy because in the form of Quran Allah Almighty has provided a perfect code of life by following which a Muslim can easily keep the stress at bay and live a happy life with minimal tension to the mind.

Help of Quran curig Stress

The lines below discuss how a Muslim can utilize Quran as a means of combating stress.

The Two Ways:

There are two ways in which Quran can be utilized as a means of combating and curing stress. The first one is utilizing Quran for the purpose of soothing the nerves and the second way is utilizing Quran to live a life that is stress resistant. The lines below discuss both these ways and a few tips in fulfilling these ways with effectiveness.

Quran As A Soother:

The first benefit of Quran pertaining to curing stress that almost every Muslim can use is by using Quran as a soother. The words of Quran and the lyre and musicality that its composition contains all have a soothing effect and listening to it often keeps the stress at bay and listening to it in the times of stress helps reduce its effect by soothing the nerves and causing the spirit of a Muslim to relax. Pertaining to using Quran as a soother for combating stress, the following measures should be taken by a Muslim.

Listen To Audio Recitation – A Muslim must make the habit of listening to the recitation of Quran, so that the day has a specific hour in it when one only experiences the joy of the words of Quran, which fights stress and tensions and rejuvenates the human soul. Therefore, begin your day with listening to recitation of Quran and whenever you find a chance throughout the day, listen to the recitation on any of your devices that you carry with you.

Memorize Quran – Another way in which you can benefit from the stress-curing benefits of Quran is by memorizing it. When you have memorized Quran, then you can recite it anytime you want. Thus, whether it is normal leisure time or you are under some stressed situation, reciting the memorized Quran can help you get relax and put your mind at ease immediately. Therefore, start by memorizing the Last 10 Surahs of Quran as a start and then memorize whatever part seems easy to remember.

Learn Tajweed – Although the words of Quran have an effect on the soul, however, when these words are in the form of a verse, that verse gains a particular lyre and in order to achieve that lyre it is imperative that the word be pronounced or recited in the proper way. In this regard, you need to learn Tajweed to achieve the desired soothing effect. For Tajweed learning, you can opt for consulting a Quran teacher, an online Quran academy, or learn Tajweed app available for Smartphones.

Quran For Application In Life:

In addition to the musicality of Quran that helps sooth the mind and cure stress, it is the meanings of Quran that can help a Muslim live life in a way that combats stress and cure it as well. In this regard, a Muslim can get the meanings out of Quran by learning the translation of Arabic into his or her particular language. Once that is done, one should try applying the instructions that Quran has given into life and then see the life change to a stress-free life. Some of the major verses in Quran that can help a Muslim create a stress-free lifestyle are as follows.

Life is a Test – A Muslim must realize that all the life and its ups and downs are a test for a Muslim. the goods of it and the bad all are a test and a Muslim has to try to remain grateful in the former and steadfast in the latter. As Allah says in Quran:

curing the stress with quran

“Be sure We will test you with something of fear and hunger, some loss in goods or lives, but give glad tidings to those who are steadfast, who say when afflicted with calamity: To God we belong and to him is our return. They are those on who (Descend) blessings from God and mercy and they are the ones that receive guidance.” (2:155)

It is clear from the ayah that those who acknowledge life as a test and in this test remain steadfast in the different adversities of this life are the ones who will receive blessings from Allah. Thus, when a person has such an attitude towards life, it naturally becomes stress free and whatever stress is present in it gets cured.

Have Faith – In Quran, Allah Almighty describes the condition of the people who do not have faith, or who do proclaim faith but do not believe in it from their heart in the following way:

Quran and curing stress

“In their heart there is a disease and God has increased their disease and grievous is their penalty because they lie to themselves.” (2:10)

This disease that people have in their heart for not believing in Allah, this disease is increased by Allah by putting themselves in all sorts of problems, hence the presence of stress in their heart and mind. The way to combat this is by believing in Allah Almighty. When a Muslim believes in His power and Supremacy then the heart grows strong in faith and the more strong it gets the more resilient to faith it becomes.

Acknowledge The Mistakes And Do Good – Another factor that causes stress in life is the fact that when we commit some mistake and then due to the fear of embarrassment or any humiliation we tend to get worried over the mistake and instead of acknowledging it we try covering it up by any means possible. In devising such means, we create more mistakes thus, the cycle of mistakes keeps on piling. The solution to redeeming from a mistake is to acknowledge that it is committed and then do some good that brings peace to heart and mind. Allah says in Quran:

stress curing with the help of quran

“And (there are) others who have acknowledged their faults. They mix a righteous action with another that was bad. It may be that Allah will relent toward them. Lo! Allah is relenting , merciful.” (9:102)

In short, Quran in its both the aforementioned aspects is a solution and a cure to the menace of stress. If one solution is adopted by a Muslim well and good, but if both the aspects of Quran are adopted, it guarantees complete cure from stress.

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