Get Prepared To Gather Blessings In Ramadan

The thing with humans is that we like to plan each and every thing that we expect from the future. We like to plan how we are going to be when we grow up, the kind of career we should chose, the kind of education we should have to follow the career path, the kind of friends that can help in our goal and so on. Therefore, when it comes to anything of future with which the element of willingness is associated, the ultimate result is planning and devising up of strategies to make the objectives easier to attain.

For Muslims the Holy Month of Ramadan is right around the corner. Although Muslims respect and revere this Holy Month from the bottom of their hearts, however, when the month starts Muslims find it hard to adjust with its routine of fasting and excessive prayer and Quran reading. The probable reason behind which is the fact that rest of the year Muslims follow a different routine, and when suddenly a month full of blessings and rewards is upon, they find it hard to change their routine and adapt once at all. Thus, due to the disturbance caused by adaptation the initial days of the month are not spent the way every Muslim wants them to, therefore, there is a grave need for getting ready for the month of Ramadan beforehand.

Adjusting with Ramadan

The lines below give some tips that can help in preparing for the month of Ramadan beforehand, so that maximum blessings could be extracted from each and every day of the month.


Keeping a countdown for the month of Ramadan is one of the best strategies that can help in getting ready for the month of Ramadan. When you keep record of the days left in the start of Ramadan, it actually creates hype in your mind regarding the month. The more the month gets near, the more the mind starts preparing for it, therefore, when the month is finally upon you, it is not a surprise, rather you are mentally fully prepared to welcome the month with full zest and vigor. Therefore, start keeping a countdown of Ramadan a month before.

Get Hold Of Information:

Another factor that can help in making yourself mentally and spiritually ready to welcome the month of Ramadan is getting as much information and knowledge about the month. When you start getting knowledge about the month, the nights it has, the blessings of fasting, the happiness in breaking fast, the joy of prayers, the exponential increase in reward, all these help build the momentum and make you eagerly await the arrival of Ramadan. Therefore, in addition to counting down the days for Ramadan, you must also get as much information about the month as possible as it will expose the true blessings of the month to you, which will keep you motivated and make preparation for it easier for you.

Plan for It:

There is no denying the fact that planning is an integral part of getting ready for something. The other thing about planning is that it is done beforehand, therefore, if you wish to get ready for Ramadan and observe it in a blissful and easy way, then you need to plan each and every thing pertinent to the month. You need to plan the kind of foods you are going to eat for the two major meals, the people you are going to invite to have Iftaar with you, the time when you will go for Taraweeh prayer, the time when you will read and recite Quran. Therefore, when you have all these things planned, the ultimate result is a smooth transition into Ramadan, and from the start of the month you celebrate every single day with full spirit and zest.

Consider Other Events:

Pertinent to planning for the month of Ramadan, another thing that you need to keep in mind is the other events that may take place during or after Ramadan, which can affect the way, you go through the month. You can have exams or marriage of someone for which you have to prepare during Ramadan, all such events are what you need to consider when preparing for Ramadan. Try to allocate time to the other events and adjust them within your fast and worshiping routine so that you don’t have to sacrifice any of them or make things tough for yourself.

Cut Down On ‘Bads’:

Everyone knows that Ramadan is a month in which Muslims exhibit and observe self restraint and try avoiding and refraining from all that is bad whether from the spiritual or physical perspective. Therefore, when it comes to getting ready for Ramadan, you need to start cutting on the ‘bads’ before the month even starts which ultimately leads you to developing good character in this holy month. In this regard, start avoiding bad company, try controlling whatever ill thoughts come to you, if you are addicted to something edible try cutting down its intake and so on. Thus, when you cut down the ‘bads’ before the month even starts, then the only thing that you will be left to do during the month is goodness and virtuous deeds and thoughts, which perhaps is more closer to the spirit of Ramadan.

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Remember The Hours Of Worship:

When you are getting ready for Ramadan, the one thing that is more than mandatory for observing the month in its true spirit is worship. In Ramadan, there is additional Quran recitation and the Traveeh after the prayer of Isha. Therefore, the hours and the time spent on worshiping Allah Almighty definitely increases in the month of Ramadan. Hence, when planning for the month, you need to identify the hours of worship and then change your daily life schedule in such a way that the hours of worship easily fit within your routine.


In a nutshell, Ramadan is one month in the whole year, therefore to make the best out of it and observe and enjoy it in the true spirit it is imperative that a person starts preparation before the month starts. In this regard, the aforementioned tips can help in better and effective transition from normal routine to a worship based Ramadan routine.