Hadith Nawawi App – 40 Pearls of Wisdom From Prophet (PBUH)

Hadith Nawawi is an Islamic Educational App developed by QuranReading.com for Muslims around the world to benefit from Islamic teaching at their convenience. Hadith Nawawi are Ahadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) carefully collected by Nawawi into one book thus named after him. These 40/42 Ahadith are the basis of Islam and their teachings should be known by every Muslim. Download Hadith Nawawi on your smartphone for free now and read these Ahadith to improve your faith!

Hadith Nawawi

Benefits of Hadith Nawawi

Each Hadith is a treasure for a believer and its value is priceless. Hadith Nawawi constitutes of 42 such Ahadith which form the basis of Islam and are regarded as one half of Deen by Muslim Ulema. The benefits of Hadith Nawawi App are:

  1. 42 pearls of Islam shared by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and collected by Islamic scholar Nawawi in one place which is easily accessible at all times.
  2. No need to connect to internet every time you want to read a Hadith as the app works offline.
  3. Save a Hadith as favorite to read it again later.
  4. Reflect and follow the teaching of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in your daily life by consulting these Ahadith.

Hadith nawawi smartphone app

Features of Hadith Nawawi

  1. 40 Ahadith Introduction: These are the 42 concrete Ahadith compiled by Yahya ibn Sharaf An-Nawawi. These Ahadith describe and form the fundamentals of Islam very conclusively and knowing these Ahadith is considered as knowing half of Islam.
  2. Language Selection: The 40 Ahadith are in Arabic and translated in English for everyone to understand the meaning of the Hadiths.
  3. Theme Settings: User is given a choice to select the theme of application where they can set the text size, text color, and background color they wish for optimal display on screen.
  4. Favorites: User can bookmark their favorite Hadith by tapping on the favorite option which lets them read the Hadith without searching through all the hadiths.
  5. Navigation Option: Direct navigation option is given at the bottom to let the user scroll through Ahadith without going to main menu for Hadith selection.

hadith nawwai with translation


Hadith Nawawi app is an essential app for every Muslim smartphone user. It brings you closer to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Allah by reading the teaching of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Knowing the 42 Hadith Nawawi will complete your faith and help you in becoming a better Muslim.

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