Health Benefits of Ablution (Wudu) Which have been Proven Scientifically

Cleanliness or purity is the part of faith in religion Islam, that’s why Islam puts so much stress on being clean. The purification of body strengthens our soul, which ultimately brings us closer to Allah Almighty. Wudu (Ablution) is the state of purity that every Muslim must do five times a day before start offering prayer. Wudu is an Arabic word which means the specific action of washing certain body parts including hands, mouth, arms, nostrils, feet, and face. It is obligatory for Muslims to offer prayers five times a day but prayers mean nothing if they do not perform ablution.

There is a hadith related to the importance of Wudu (Ablution) which stated: “The prayer of a person who does, Hadath (passes, urine, stool or wind) is not accepted till he performs the ablution.” (Bukhari)

The pattern of washing the body parts (ablution) became an amazing thing for scientists all around the globe. Many Muslims are unaware that ablution is a medical protection they are applying to their body.

Health Benefits of Wudu (Ablution)

Below mentioned are some medical benefits of ablution that we all should know about:

  • It is proved by scientist’s research that ablution removes clusters of bacteria from the body.
  • Wudu controls blood pressure and maintain our blood circulatory system.
  • Wudu refreshes our body. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has suggested making ablution before going to bed. Washing of hands, arms, mouth, legs, genitals, and eyes before going to sleep with cool water relaxing sleep. This is also suggested by the Yoga experts.
  • Washing of nose prevents from Microbic diseases. It also prevents dust and germs trapped inside from entering the body.
  • Ablution stimulates biological rhythms of the body and certainly Biological Active Sports (Bases) which usually similar to the idea behind Chinese Reflexo-therapy.
  • If you will do Wudu then you definitely wash your hand. It will wash out all the germs from your hands.
  • During Wudu (ablution) Muslims rinse their mouth in order to remove food particles and bacteria from the mouth.
  • Washing the face strengthens skin and relieves feelings of heaviness and fatigue in the head.
  • By doing ablution we can protect our skin from bacteria and several skin diseases.
  • If one makes his/her eyebrows wet frequently then one can be protected from a dangerous disease like blindness.
  • Washing of hands also reduces respiratory infections by removing infectious to be found on the hands.
  • Washing arms helps in blood circulation. The activity of washing arms during Wudu improves the blood circulation making the person feel Less-Depressed.

The above mentioned were some of the health benefits of ablution. Try to remain in the state of Wudu every time. It will bring you closer to the Almighty Allah and also keeps you healthy.