How Should We Spend Ramazan?

“At the point when the period of Ramadan begins, the entryways of the paradise are opened and the doors of Hell are shut and the villains are anchored.” (Bukhari)

From this hadith obviously, Ramadan is the period of asking pardoning and getting endless favors. In addition, as there is no Satan, along these lines, there are negligible allurements in this month. Notwithstanding the basic abstaining from eating or drinking, there are different things which Muslims need to maintain a strategic distance from and there are different things which they have to do in Ramadan. The lines beneath give the major do’s and don’ts of Ramadan.

First Part: What should be Done

There are various things, which a Muslim can do to utilize the endowments of the Holy month of Ramadan. The accompanying lines give the significant activities or deeds that Muslims must act in the long stretch of Ramadan.

Recitation of the Quran

The main thing that you can do to ensure that you gain the most extreme endowments and awards in this Holy month is to present the Quran. With each and every expression of the Quran, there is a prize, henceforth the more you read the Quran the more prize you get. In addition, relating to perusing of Quran, you should lean toward recitation and understanding its implications as that is the pith of Quran which can assist you with improving as a Muslim in the long stretch of Ramadan just, however for a considerable length of time and years that are to come. Likewise, in the event that you are somebody who doesn’t have the foggiest idea of how to peruse the Quran in Arabic, Ramadan is the month, to begin with, Quran learning.

Follow the Sunnah

Acting upon the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is another deed that carries a prize to a Muslim. The long stretch of Ramadan gives an incredible opportunity to find out about Sunnah and afterward practice it in the Holy month, where there is harmony and gift all over the place. Accordingly, a Muslim must have a go at finding out about Sunnah of Prophet (PBUH) all in all and His conventions identified with Ramadan specifically and afterward apply it to day by day life consistently.


Although each Muslim normally watches five times each day petitions during Ramadan, nonetheless, as the award for supplications gets expanded in this month, accordingly, a Muslim should likewise enjoy Nawafil supplications at whatever point the individual in question discovers time. Offering Nawafil carries extra prize and advantages to a Muslim and cleans their heart causing them to praise Allah Almighty with an unadulterated and true heart.


Traveeh is another Sunnah of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which is uncommon to the long stretch of Ramadan. A Muslim must guarantee that notwithstanding all the required petitions the Traveeh after the Isha supplication is additionally watched. Hence, Traveeh ought to be seen on customary bases to achieve more prominent gifts and awards during the entire month.


Although there is no set month for paying Zakah, notwithstanding, the long stretch of Ramadan is a perfect time when one can pay Zakah and be beneficent. As the celebration of Eid comes after Ramadan, in this way, paying Zakah helps the individuals who are less blessed have the option to commend the celebration with to some degree same zest as the various prosperous individuals. In this manner, one must take a stab at paying the due Zakah in the long stretch of Ramadan. On the off chance that you need to figure the sum at risk to your assets, you can take the help of our free Zakat Calculator and in a split second do the registering.

Second Part: What should be avoided

Other than the conspicuous certainty that a Muslim isn’t permitted to eat or drink anything during the fast and avoid any sexual action, there are a few different things, which a Muslim must shun so as to guarantee that fast is seen in the genuine soul. The lines beneath give some major don’ts which a Muslim must-see when keeping a fast during the long stretch of Ramadan:


Suhur and Aftar are two significant components of Ramadan where previous is connected with eating before first light while the last is worried about eating on breaking of fast. In any case, it is seen that Muslims don’t deal with what they eat at both these events, which makes fasting hard for them notwithstanding messing wellbeing up. Subsequently, what Muslims need to do is to maintain a strategic distance from unreasonable or low-quality nourishment eating during the Ramadan to remain solid.

Avoiding Grudges

Fasting gives the exercise of penance and pardoning; subsequently, during the long stretch of Ramadan a Muslim must not hold feelings of spite and enjoy battling individuals. Or maybe, the person in question needs to begin excusing individuals and what small amount botches individuals submit the individual in question ought to be open minded and pardoning towards them.

Becoming annoyed

Another thing that fasting in Ramadan instructs is resistance and tolerance. These are two character characteristics that genuinely need individuals nowadays and in any event, during Ramadan individuals lose their temper become fretful and make a wide range of issues for themselves just as for other people. Along these lines, getting angry during Ramadan is one thing that a Muslim must attempt to stay away from and build persistence and resistance.

Satanic Deed

Ramadan additionally shows a Muslim to avoid wickedness and its enticement. In spite of the fact that the Satan is anchored in this month, nonetheless, it is the propensities for the remainder of the months that frequent a Muslim in this month too. Therefore, a Muslim must try refraining from base thoughts as well as committing vain and base deeds. Rather, a Muslim must do demonstrations of good and generosity so the fast is kept and seen in the genuine spirit.

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