Islam Is True Divine Belief Because Of Protected Quran

Different people in the world have different beliefs about the presence of the God. It is a fact that many strange and mysterious myths are prevailing among different factions of people living in various parts of the world. Almost all these suppositions are wrong and are not even close to reality. However, before discussing more about the actual nature of God, it is better to learn about contrasting presumptions of people belonging to different nations and faiths about the existence of God.


What atheists say?

There is huge number of people in this world who think that God does not exist at all. Their basic objection is that there is not apparent evidence that proves the presence of a divine being and is able to satisfy their minds and hearts. They believe that universe came into being in its own and is running smoothly at its own. As far as living organisms are concerned, their perception is that they are a result of thousands of years of evolution.

Emotional and irrational faith in God:

There are also such people who believe in God on emotional and irrational grounds. These people never try to satisfy their minds that whether an omnipotent and omnipresent God really exists. Some of their beliefs about God are based on fear of catastrophes, natural phenomena, and things like that. However, they never ponder on how these things really happen and who is actually behind them. Therefore, it is certainty that both of above-mentioned groups have never been able to find a satisfying and correct answer about their Creator.

Total ignorant:

Then there is yet another race of people who just do not bother to thing about God altogether. These people find it better to simply ignore the most difficult and mysterious question which apparently has no answer. According to them, the situation is so intricate that it seems to have no solution.

What these people are oblivious of:

Unfortunately, all of above-mentioned groups are completely oblivious of a true and powerful message that explicitly explains what is right and wrong. This divine message answers all the difficult questions and satisfies the queries of brain and heart.

People on the right path:

Finally, there are also people that are on the right path that God Himself has proclaimed for humankind. This path tells people to first identify their Creator by using their brains and after that worship Him from their hearts because this is the most natural method of establishing the presence of anything. The people who are following these righteous directions are called Muslims and the divine message is known as Islam.

The fate of divine books:

God had enclosed this great information in many religious books and revealed these books on different Prophets (S.A.) for the guidance of humankind. Unfortunately, dishonest followers of these books corrupted and tempered them and changed their actual message in order to axe their own material grinds. That is why God kept sending Prophets (A.S.) and kept revealing divine books and fateful people kept making changes in these scriptures.

The Holy Quran:

However, over more than 14 century ago, God send Prophet (PBUH) to the entire humanity as His last messenger and revealed Holy Quran on him. The Holy Quran contains the similar message incorporated by former divine books but with one exception. Allah the Exalted has made the Holy Quran the last of divine scriptures and after that; there will be no more book to bring human being towards right path. That is it is complete in all respects and God Himself has promised to protect this book in actual shape until judgment day. Allah says in Holy Quran,

“Behold, it is We Ourselves who have bestowed from on high this reminder: and behold, it is We who shall truly guard it” [Holy Quran 15: 9]

Holy Quran was revealed more than 1400 years ago and if you compare the earliest copies of the Holy Quran word by word with the currently published texts, we will find that there is no difference at all. Only this evidence is enough to prove that Holy Quran is indeed the word of God and no human being has authored this great book. Still, If people are still skeptic about the truth that Quran encloses, they can consult different methods to learn and understand Quran like learned Islamic scholars or reliable teachers offering Holy Quran online tutoring. After that compare that treasure of knowledge with the teachings of other religions and make a decision yourself.


Every wise and rational person is rightfully doubtful about this book if he or she has not gone through this book. However, as mentioned above, there are many options for people to know more about Quran like learning online Quran offered by different Muslim organization. In fact, Allah has answered each question in this book, which a person can ask, and we should be grateful to God for this showing us the right path.

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