Islamic Word Scramble – Sharpen The Mind With Islamic Vocabulary

When it comes to learning Islam, especially teaching it to children, the problem which most of the Muslim parents face is that the learning becomes boring for the kids and they quit learning. Therefore, Muslim parents are always in search of means with the help of which they can make learning about Islam interactive for their kids so that they pursue learning with interest and joy. Islamic Word Scramble is one such interactive game, which the parents can use to teach Islam to their children in a fun and interactive manner. The app provides the words in scramble and then requires the user to arrange them in a manner that it would appear as a complete Islamic word. The app is interesting and interacts kids especially. People interested in the app can download it from the following platforms.


With the help of this app, Muslim parents can have their children learn about Islam on their own and that too without feeling bored.

Word Scramble smartphone app

Some major benefits and features of this app are discussed in the lines below:


Besides the fact that it is an Islam learning app with the help of which the user can increase Islamic knowledge, there are few other benefits of the app as well:

  1. The app helps build Islamic vocabulary of the Muslim children. With app containing about hundred words, the children can easily learn about new terms related to Islam.
  2. The app does away with the element of boredom usually associated with Islamic learning and now children can easily learn about Islam without getting bored at any instance.
  3. In addition to giving Islamic knowledge of Muslim children, the app also helps in sharpening the mind of the children, hence, learning takes place abreast with sharpening of mind.
  4. Parents do not need to worry about the leisure time of their children, as with this app, now children can pass time, sharpen their mind and learn about Islam at the same time.

Kids Islamic Scramble smartphone app


Although simplicity is the main feature of the app, as it is simple and easy to play, however, there are different features that strike out and can be counted as the features that make the app stand out from the rest of such apps available on Playstore and iTunes. The lines below give some major prominent features of  Islamic Word Scramble game.

  1. Simple Design – As the target audience of this app is children, therefore, utmost care is taken to keep the app simple in terms of its graphical and visual appeal. Therefore, children can enjoy playing the game without anything feeling odd to them.
  2. Intuitive – The second important feature of  Islamic Word Scramble is its intuitiveness. Children who are old enough to understand what scramble is, can easily play the game and rearrange the words in the puzzle to form the right word.
  3. Hints – The third feature of the app is useful for Muslim children who don’t have an extensive knowledge of the  Islamic vocabulary. For such children, there is the option of ‘Hints’ by tapping which the children can see a hint related to what the word is and then they can rearrange it easily.

Islamic Scramble mobile app


In short,  Islamic Word Scramble is an effective solution for the parents who want their children to know about Islam without making the learning process boring.

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