Karbala Incident; The Message For Muslims of Gaza And Other Countries

The month of Muharram has great importance in Islamic history and beliefs. Historically, it is the month when Ibrahim (AS) was saved from the fire of Nimrod, it is the month when Moses (AS) was saved the children of Israel from Pharaoh by crossing the Red Sea, and it is the month when Hussain (R.A) the Grandson of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was martyred along with his family in the ground of Karbala.

The martyrdom of Hussain (R.A) has been inspiring Muslims through ages. However, at this point of time, Muslims in general and Muslims of Gaza in particular need to get inspiration from the incident of Karbala. The martyrdom of Hussain (R.A) can only inspire us if we understand the place of Hussain (R.A) in Islam and the value he stood for in the field of Karbala.

Hussain (R.A) belongs to the Ahl al-Bayt or the people of household of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and regarding them, Allah Almighty says in Quran:

Say [Oh Muhammad]! Let us call upon our children and your children, our ladies and your ladies, ourselves and yourselves, then we pray so that Allah’s wrath be upon those who are false. (Quran 3:16)

The ayah shows that Allah Almighty commended Prophet (PBUH) to take His family to debate with the Kuffar and their families; and Hussain (R.A) was a part of His family, which shows the importance of Hussain (R.A) when confronting evil.

At another instance Allah Almighty says in Quran:

Allah desires but to remove filth from you Oh Ahl al-Bayt and purify you thoroughly. (Quran 33:33)

This ayah shows that the Ahl al-Bayt were people pure at heart and their hearts were void from any kind of filth. Therefore, Hussain (R.A) was pure at heart.

Furthermore, Allah Almighty says in Quran:

Say [Oh Muhammad]! I ask you of no reward except that you love my close kin. (Quran 42:23)

This ayah also shows that Prophet (PBUH) wanted Muslims to love his close kin, and Hussain (AS) is one of them.

The saying of Prophet (PBUH) is perhaps the most evident example of the stature Hussain (AS) holds in Islam and for Muslims. Prophet (PBUH) said:

“Hussain (R.A) is from Me and I am from Hussain (R.A).”

Besides signifying the blood bond between Prophet (PBUH) and Hussain (R.A), this saying goes beyond the blood bond and shows the spiritual bond between Prophet (PBUH) and Hussain (R.A). Therefore, what Hussain (R.A) accomplished in Karbala, was not solely because of his sharing blood with Prophet (PBUH), rather it was also because he belonged to the Prophet (PBUH) spiritually.

Moving forward, pertaining to what Hussain (R.A) stood for in the field of Karbala. Hussain (R.A) did not take a stand against Yazid, because he wanted to be Khalifa and only he had the right of being Khalifa and Yazid was not eligible for it. Rather, the stand Hussain (R.A), took in Karbala was about not submitting to the tyrant, and that truth shall and must never submit to or show allegiance with falsehood.

What Hussain (R.A) did in Karbala is the same, which Ibrahim (AS) did against Nimrod, which Moses (AS) did against Pharaoh, and which Prophet (PBUH) did against the idol worshipers of Makkah. They all stood for truth and did not submit to falsehood and evil.

As far as the Muslims and the Muslims of Gaza are concerned, they need to take a leaf out of the life of Hussain (R.A) and be inspired. The Muslims in general must wake up and take a stand against all the tyranny and oppressing of Muslims in countries like Gaza, Congo, Lebanon and many more, and let the world know that Muslims are united and they feel for each other.

On the other hand, the Muslims of Gaza must relate with what happened with Hussain (R.A) in Karbala. He had to see all his family members martyred before him, but he did not lose faith and did not submit to the tyrants, rather he gave his own life in the path of justice and truth. Thus, the Muslims of Gaza need to have a strong belief and must not yield to the tyrants and keep the Islamic spirit of standing for righteousness alive and throbbing.

May Allah help all Muslims learn from the example of Hussain (R.A) and give us the courage to stand for the truth and never submit to falsehood and the tyrants. Ameen!