Kids Surah Series – Learn Short Surahs of Quran Word by Word

Kids Surah Series is an Islamic app being developed by the in order to help Muslim parents. With Kids Surah Series, Muslim parents can help their Kids in learning to recite, memorize, and properly read the selected chapters of Quran featured in this SmartPhone app.

Download Kids Surah Series on your smartphone now and let your child enter a world of Islamic learning with interactive teaching methodology. The app is available on iTunes and Google Playstore for download!

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Bringing up a Muslim kid and educating him with Islamic teachings could be one of the difficult tasks Muslim parents come across. However, with so much helping material and Islamic learning tools around, it has become a lot easier than before to educate children with Quranic learning.

One such learning tool is the smartphone application named Kids Surah Series. The app entails short Surahs along with useful features such as Word-by-Word Recitation, Translation, and Transliteration that all together help your kid in developing understanding with the reading and understanding of each word. Moreover, the chapters featured in this app are short in length, and with Word-by-Word feature, it serves as a Surah Tutor for the kid. Kids Surah Series has following Surahs with Word-by-Word tutoring method:

1.  Surah Al-Fatiha
2.  Surah Ash-Sharh
3.  Surah At-Tin
4.  Surah Al-Qadr

5.  Surah Al-Takathur
6.  Surah Al-Kawthur
7.  Surah Al-Asr
8.  Surah Al-Ikhlas
9.  Surah Al-Falaq
10. Surah An-Nas

Note – This app includes in-app purchases.

Benefits of Kids Surah Series

As stated before, Kids Surah Series has a Word-by-Word teaching methodology for kids, it opens up a greater chance for your kids to quickly develop an understanding on reading these Surah in Arabic.

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Besides, following are other benefits Kids Surah Series encloses for the Muslim kids:

  1. Learn the short and important Surahs of Quran independently without help from Qari or even without parent’s guidance.
  2. Learn the correct pronunciation of Arabic Surahs through word by word transliteration.
  3. Besides Kids, Muslim Converts can also use this app in order to get started with the Quran reading.
  4. Learn the translation of each word of a surah in English.
  5. Learn the meaning of the Surah and gain understanding about it which will help them in memorizing Surah easily.
  6. Listen to recitation of the surah to help them in correct recitation.
  7. Muslim parents can teach these Surahs to their Kids as the basic short Surahs for the Namaz
  8. Recite and learn Quran anytime and anywhere you are.

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Features of Kids Surah Series:

  1. Word-by-Word Tutoring: It is the main feature of this useful app which can be used along with Translation and Transliteration feature to improve the Arabic reading skills of Quran. Upon selection of an individual word of any Surah, the app will speak to educate you the correct pronunciation and meaning of the particular word.
  2. Audio: Kids Surah Series has audio playback for each word of surah independently which is recited with word display.
  3. Easy Navigation: Scroll through the surah, word by word by using next and previous buttons.
  4. Full Quran Surah: A tab with complete surah is given to help the kids in revising what they learned.
  5. Settings: Option available to turn off translation and transliteration from the settings section.
  6. Customization: Customization of theme available with settings for text color, text size and background color selections.
  7. Sharing: Share the app with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Viber and other messaging services.

Kids Surah Series opens a lot of opportunities to Muslims in the west by helping them learn reading Quran on their own without any assistance. It provides fundamental information about correct recitation of the Quran. Once you learn reciting short Surahs, you will build up a habit for correcting reaction of complete Quran. Let’s start to correct your Quran Tajweed now with Kids Surah Series! Also, you can look into the list of Islamic applications that can further help you to increase your knowledge and learning with Islam.