Last 20 Surahs App – Surahs with Heart Touching Recitations

Last 20 Surahs is a cost free Islamic app entailing the last twenty chapters of the Holy Quran smartly combined together in one place. Having this app in your cell phone helps you remembering the verses from these Surahs in an easy way. Therefore, you are suggested to keep this in your smartphone as this multipurpose app can help you in number of different religious and Quran learning matters . For example, memorizing the last 20 Surahs using this app would give you options to recite distinct chapters while offering prayers instead just reciting one or two surahs repeatedly. The app is available online to be downloaded from iOS and Android stores. You can use the following download buttons to get this app on your smartphone from the particular store:

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Benefits of Last 20 Surahs Mobile App

The last 20 Surahs of the Holy Quran are said to be the most important Surahs and are expected to be memorized by every Muslim. These are short Surahs at the end of Quran. When you start memorizing Quran, it is recommended to start from these Surahs as they are short and easy to remember which boasts your confidence in learning Quran. The Surahs are also useful to recite during Salat. Therefore, you are suggested to use Last 20 Surahs mobile application which entails many benefits for you. The following are the significant advantages of using this app:

smartphone app 20 surahs

  1. As stated earlier, using this app to memorize the last twenty surahs of Quran helps you remember them which enables you to recite different chapters in distinct Rakaats of your Salat.
  2. All the chapters featured inside this app can be listened with a heart trembling recitation which brings peace to heart and soul.
  3. The app also provides English transliteration of each Arabic word of the every chapter. This is therefore, useful in reciting the verses with correct pronunciation for those who are weak at correctly reciting the Quran in Arabic.
  4. Along with Transliteration, the Translation of each Surah is given, which enables the user to understand the message of Allah given in these verses.
  5. Muslims of all age having smartphone (Android & iOS) can install this app to make use of this app.

twenty surahs of quran smartphone app

Features of Last 20 Surahs

  1. Last 20 Surahs of the Holy Quran: As clear from the name, the last 20 Surahs from the Holy Quran are included in this app, starting from Surah Al-Alaq to Surah An-Nas.
  2. Audio: Recitation of Surahs in Arabic is included. You can listen to the recitation anytime you want. The recitation is very clear and fulfills all the rules of Tajweed.
  3. Translation in English: Each Surah is translated in English for better understanding of the word of Allah.
  4. Transliteration in English: To make it easier for people who are new to Arabic language, transliteration is included for every Surah. So you can read the Surah even if you don’t know how to read them in Arabic.

20 surahs of quran application


Download Last 20 Surahs on your android phone or iphone now and benefit from the recitation of these Surahs. The app is available for free on Google Playstore and iTunes.