Learn Ayatul Kursi – The Verse of The Throne

Learn Ayatul Kursi is an interactive mobile application for Islamic learning by Quran Reading Academy. This app includes word by word recitation, translation and transliteration of Ayatul Kursi. It is a useful application for Muslim kids who have just started learning to read Quran as the word by word recitation helps them in connecting Arabic words and increase their ability to read Arabic without help. Download Learn Ayatul Kursi now on your smartphones from Google Playstore or iTunes and help your kids memorize Ayatul Kursi.

Learn Ayatul Kursi

Benefits of Learn Ayatul Kursi

Learn Ayatul Kursi is a great Islamic educational application developed to help Muslims living in non Muslim countries for teaching their kids about Islam. Some benefits of this app are:

  1. Learn Ayatul Kursi word by word to understand the complete meaning of the Ayah.
  2. Help kids in learning to read Arabic on their own.
  3. Reciting Ayatul Kursi protects us from many calamities.
  4. Reciting Ayatul Kursi after every fardh salah assures us of attaining Jannah.
  5. The inclusion of benefits in Learn Ayatul Kursi helps the user in knowing the importance of Ayatul Kursi through Ahadith.

Ayatul Kursi for Kids

Features of Learn Ayatul Kursi

  1. Word By Word: Word by Word feature where a single Arabic word is highlighted and its translation in English and transliteration is given to help the reader in correct pronunciation.
  2. Recitation: Recitation of Ayatal Kursi is included to help the user in learning through listening the Qari recite.
  3. Transliteration: Transliteration of Ayatul Kursi in English is provided for those who have never read Arabic which helps them to read the Ayah.
  4. Translation: Translation of Ayatul Kursi in English is provided in word by word and full Ayah form to increase the understanding of Ayatul Kursi.
  5. Benefits: A tab explaining the benefits of Ayatul Kursi is given to increase the interest of user in reading and memorizing Ayah.
  6. Settings: Settings allow the user to select for displaying translation, transliteration and autoplay option for recitation.
  7. Customization: Select the font size, font color and background color for displaying Ayatul nKursi according to your preference.

Word by word Quran Surahs


Learn Ayatul Kursi is a very beneficial application for all Muslims, especially kids. It will help you gather countless blessings from Allah when you recite Ayatul Kursi with correct tajweed. Start learning to recite with word by word learn Ayatul kursi and help your kids in understanding Quran.