Making Quran Learning Effective for Kids


(Tutor, Child and Parent- Building a Troika)

The Holy Book of Quran has a great status in lives of us Muslims, as it was revealed upon our beloved Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and it consists of countless teachings of Islam, which are a great source of enlightenment to improving one`s life. Due to its significant position in our religion, the hafidh (one who memorizes Furqan e Hameed) also has a great standing among the ummah (followers of last Prophet PBUH). He is the one who not only remembers Quranic lessons but also serves as a means of educating Muslims kids. As the Messenger (PBUH) of Allah SWT once said:

“The best of you are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it to others.” (Bukhari)

Although it’s a great act to gain knowledge of this Divine Scripture, but the execution of second fraction of the above Hadith gets affected through negligence on part parties involved in his process. There is a very little hand of children in this carelessness. Although they make it difficult for their teachers to instruct properly, but they cannot be blamed for it, as they are immature, and their misbehavior is down to their parents` neglect. The major part in this matter is played by the tutor and parents themselves. But it’s not right to put charge specifically someone, as the intensity of slackness varies from case to case. What we can do is establish some effective guidelines for both parties to make the learning process for the young ones useful enough.

Kids Effective Quran Learning

Let us consider some of these principles which are discussed in this article:

Responsibilities of the Tutors

The rank of teachers in any noble society is very high, who are treated with great respect, and are considered as a source of inspiration in progressive nations. While they enjoy such high status, it also increases their roles and responsibilities many folds. And when it comes to Quran tutors, they are even more bound to hold onto their duties, as they perform the profession of the Prophets, i.e. preaching the lessons of Allah Almighty to others. Some of the things they have to bear in mind are:

Encouraging Children to LearnThe major problem with the instructors of the Sacred Manuscript is that they lose patience with their students, scold them when they commit mistakes in lessons, and enforce learning material on them. According to common observation, it is almost impossible for any apprentice to be trained in any skills without the much needed level of motivation and desire to seek knowledge. And we are talking about small kids here, who are extremely hard to teach in normal setting, and when once they are dealt with any kind of imposition, they start to resist and get terrified. The best way to get them started at learning quickly is through positive attitude: by applauding their effort, not losing endurance, avoid yelling at them in front of other students as they might feel ashamed. If they make error while reciting Quran, tutor should try to correct it at the spot instead of telling them to reread the whole passage again as it is not a good practice especially when pupil feels it highly unnecessary to repeat the entire lesson for a specific mistake.

Being Sincere to their Duties Although there is no room for any sort of disregard towards duties on part of teachers in any general learning environment, where they have to be true to their profession, but this matter becomes even more delicate in religious context. Trainers need to be highly punctual, and should not miss any session without informing the parents of novices. It is also their moral duty to treat this line of work more than just sake of earning money, and give kids required amount of time, as there will be no use of incomplete transfer of knowledge, which would only backfire in future instead of improvement in further learning.

Communicating Constantly with Kids` Parents Parents of most children are too busy to keep in touch with Qaari (Quran instructor), but not all of them are unaware of the importance of check and balance on their kids` progress in learning of the Sacred Book. So, a tutor needs to be in touch with them to give them account of their children current performance. They can also let parents know about manners of their offspring who could take corrective measures in this regard.

Note – At The Quran Reading Academy, we ensure that the teachers and tutors are committed to the students and are very much proficient in performing their Quran teaching responsibilities.

Responsibilities of Parents

The Quranic learning process of a child is more influenced by its parents than tutor. As kids are usually juvenile who are well the age of adolescence, and lack awareness of etiquettes and worth of a teacher.  So, the parents have to take embrace the need for playing a vital role of not only preparing their children well for education but also taking care of matters related to their instructor.

Maintaining child`s Sanitation and Teaching Manners – As this learning is not similar to any other regular mode of schooling because of a high position of Furqan e Hameed, which requires a certain degree of sanitation and maintenance of wudu, so, parents need to take great heed in this matter. In addition to proper hygiene and cleanliness, they also need to keep an eye on their kids` mannerism, and edify their decorum time to time so that they would treat their teacher fairly.

Respecting the Tutor – Besides knowing the great standing of a teacher, unfortunately, majority of the parents show more esteem to teachers of regular school, but do not take those of Islamic schools in the same category. It is imperative for the best performance of tutors of Quran that they should be treated with veneration that they deserve. Their time should be valued and parents must not object unnecessarily is tutors` way of teaching, e.g. they should not be asked about why kids are still being taught Qaaida (basics of Quranic language). Instructors should also be paid on time for their motivation.

Revising Lessons Regularly – Lessons taught by the tutor are not enough for a child`s learning, if it is not being retained in one`s memory. For this, parents need to make sure they actively participate in the daily revision of lectures their kids for effective learning.

These are some of the many possible methods which can ensure the Quranic education of Muslim children in the most effective way. Since learning of the Sacred Manuscript is a religious matter, so all parties involved in it must take great responsibility, especially parents and teachers.