Mandatory Conditions Of Hijab For Muslim Women

It is obligatory for every Muslim woman to cover her body when she happens to go outside her home. For that purpose Muslim girls and women use Hijab which is especially used to cover the face. The basic interpretation of concept of Hijab is that it provides security and freedom to a woman from lecherous eyes and protects the women from the lustful attacks by men.

hijab for Muslim woman

In Holy book of Quran Allah orders Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to instruct Muslim women to cover themselves when they step out of their homes in the following words.

“O Prophet! Tell your wives, your daughters, and the woman of the believers to draw their Jalalib all over their bodies. That will be better. That they should be known so not to be annoyed. And Allah is ever oft-forgiving, most merciful.” (33:59)

What actually is Jalalib?

In this particular verse, Allah has referred to Jilbab that is actually a piece of cloth worn over the proper dress. The purpose of this extra clothing is that it conceals all parts of woman’s body from head to the toe.

According to a Hadith of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) reported by Imam Muslim that once, Hazrat Um Atyya (R.A.) said;

“Oh messenger of Allah, one of us may not have a Jilbab.”

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) answered;

“Let her sister lend her one of her Jilbabs to wear.”

Conditions in which it is obligatory to wear Hijab:

According to Quran and Sunnah, Hijab is mandatory for Muslim women to wear in the following conditions.

  • First condition:

Islam has forbidden Muslim women to look at men with desirous looks. If someone happens to see a man, she is not allowed, she should not look at him again. The first look was accidental so there is no sin involved in it. The same condition applies to Muslim men as well.

  • Second condition:

In the second condition, Allah has proclaimed in Islam, a woman should not expose her private parts to the forbidden men because it will result in Zina that is a major sin in Islam. Furthermore, they cannot let any part of their body naked even to the members of the family.

  • Third condition:

The third condition orders Muslims women not to show their Zeenah except that is allowed in Islam. Muslims Scholars have differed on this condition as what can be the meaning of natural adornment. According to some famous scholars like Ibn Mas’oud, it is the outer clothes only.

However according to other well-known philosophers like Imam Abu Hanifah, Malik, Ash-shafi’i, and Al-Awza’I, hands, and face are exceptions here.

  • Fourth condition:

The Holy Quran commands a Muslim woman to cover their necks with the headgear as well. According to Hazrat Abdullah Bin Zubair (R.A.), the condition applies to both neck and breast so that no part of these portions of the body is visible.

  • Fifth condition:

This is very important condition laid down by Allah in Quran. Allah forbids Muslims women to stamp their feet on the ground with force so that no one can even hear the voice of bracelets if they are wearing one.

  • Sixth condition:

In sixth condition, Allah asks both men and women to repent if they have committed any crime that will lead them to happiness and success in both worlds.

What are the requirements of Hijab?

As per above-mentioned conditions, there are many requirements of Hijab that need to be fulfilled. These conditions are;

  • Hijab should be able to cover all parts of the body except that is allowed that are hands and face
  • Hijab should not be used as a means of adornment and ornamentation
  • Hijab should not be transparent so that nothing is visible underneath it
  • Hijab should be loose and large so that it does not make the body parts prominent

Can Muslim women go outside of her home in Hijab?

Muslim women can step outside of their homes in Hijab if they have to fulfill their needs only. Otherwise, Muslim women are not allowed to go outside in any case.


As discussed in the first paragraph, hijab acts as a savior of women where women feel a sense of protection inside them. The Allah Almighty is the wisest and there is a great deal of wisdom behind His commands and instructions. It is the case with the Hijab as well and the worldly and ordinary human minds are unable to get the wisdom that the concept of Hijab encloses.

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