Muhammad SAW’s Love For Children

The Prophet (may the blessings and peace of God be upon him) said, “Be kind to your children, and perfect their manners.” (Sunan ibn Majah)

In another account narrated by his wife Aishah, “Some Bedouin people came to the Prophet (may the blessings and peace of God be upon him) and said: ‘Do you kiss your children?’ He said: ‘Yes.’ [The Bedouin] said: ‘But we, by Allah, never kiss (our children).’ The Prophet (may the blessings and peace of God be upon him) said: ‘What can I do if Allah has taken away mercy from you?’” (Sunan ibn Majah)

In one narration it is said, “The Messenger of Allah (may the blessings and peace of God be upon him) came to some children who were playing: He greeted them.” (Sunan Abi Dawud)

In one narration he said, “When I stand for prayer, I intend to prolong it but on hearing the cries of a child, I cut it short, as I dislike to trouble the child’s mother.” (Bukhari)

These are the few glimpses from the Prophet’s life. 

Prophet SAW was a perfect father, compassionate grandfather and a loving and caring husband. He was an epitome of perfection for every field, Quran goes on saying in Surah Al-Ahzab, verse number 21,

لَّقَدْ كَانَ لَكُمْ فِي رَسُولِ اللَّهِ أُسْوَةٌ حَسَنَةٌ لِّمَن كَانَ يَرْجُو اللَّهَ وَالْيَوْمَ الْآخِرَ وَذَكَرَ اللَّهَ كَثِيرً ا 

“Verily in the messenger of Allah ye have a good example for him who looketh unto Allah and the Last Day, and remembereth Allah much.”(Surah Al-Ahzab,33)

Hazrat Muhammad SAW was unique in every way. His love for children is also very unique. He always cared for them and gave special care to them. He always guided them in the way of Allah and never ignored their training from early childhood.

His ultimate purpose was to train children and the families for the life hereafter that is of course eternal. He was very much caring for the whole of his family members including children. Hazrat e Anas bin Malik says: “I have never seen a man who was more compassionate to his family members that the prophet SAW”

All of Prophet SAW’s sons died. His son Ibrahim died in infancy. He used to visit his son often even he was very busy in life for other duties. He used to kiss him often. At the time when his beloved son Ibrahim was taking his last breaths, prophet Muhammad SAW could not control his tears, it was a tough time in the life of Muhammad e Arbi SAW, the tears were falling from his eyes at that time, so one of his companions Abdu Rahman bin Auf asked prophet of Islam SAW, 

Abdur-Rahman bin Awf said: “O the Messenger of God, even you (weep)!” The Prophet said, “O Bin Awf, this is mercy.” Then he wept more and said: “The eyes shed tears and the heart grieves, and we will not say except what pleases our Lord, O Ibrahim! Indeed we are grieved by your separation.”

The prophet of Islam was very much in love with his granddaughter and often used to go with her outside. He often used to take her out on his shoulders.  History is abundant with such stories that before the time of the prophet SAW’s time people were so ignorant that they used to bury their daughters alive. 

The love of the Prophet SAW was very much unique on land where ignorant people were used to burying their beloved ones. 

Prophet of Islam set an example for the world. The love of the prophet for his daughter Fatima was matchless. Fatima RA wept deeply when she heard the prophet of Islam saying he is about to die.

These were a few examples from the prophet’s life. Let me close my discussion with another saying of Muhammad SAW.  

Anas ibn Malik (may Allah be pleased with him), the servant of the Prophet, had another recollection: “I never saw anyone who was more compassionate towards children than Allah’s Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him). His son Ibrahim was in the care of a wet nurse in the hills around Madinah. He would go there, and we would go with him, and he would enter the house, pick up his son and kiss him, then come back.” (Muslim)