Role Of Muslim Votes In US Presidential Elections 2012

The total population of Muslims in United State is round 7 million. Hence they form a strong community that has the power to manipulate the upcoming presidential elections. Analysts and experts have been engaging in fierce arguments about who will win the sympathies of Muslims and take away their votes. According to recent surveys conducted throughout the United States Obama seems to have an edge over his Republican rival Romney.

Although policies and manifestos of both Democrats and Republicans are apparently different to each other, they are considered as two sides of the same coin by Muslims. However, they take Republicans as a bigger evil while some Democrats seem smaller evil but an evil is evil. Nonetheless, Muslim community has decided to actively participate in the Election 2012 in order to make themselves heard.

There are many factors that has influenced majority of Muslims to incline towards Obama. It is the fact that Republican Party is traditionally an anti Muslims organization and Matt Romney’s irresponsible remarks about Muslims have added insult to injury. Furthermore Muslims also do not like Romney’s stance on sensitive Middle East issues like ongoing Arab-Israel conflict. Muslims have also been disappointed by Republican Party who passed an amendment that there will be a complete ban on any foreign law. Obviously they are targeting the Sharia Law which is a set of religious rules and regulations of Muslims. In addition, Muslims still have not forgotten the treatment they were subjected to by Republican Party under President Bush regime after 9/11. Moreover, Republicans are continuously passing rhetoric comments against Islam.

Although Muslim community has a clear inclination towards Obama yet Democrats have committed some mistakes that have disillusioned some Muslims factions. For example, accepting Jerusalem as a capital of Israel is a horrendous mistake on the part of Republican Party and has seriously hurt the sentiments of Muslims. Furthermore, Obama government has totally failed to counter the rising discriminatory incidents against Muslim Community. Muslims are also disappointed by Obama’s apathy towards Islamophobia that is on the rise throughout United States.

In addition, Obama’s deliberate failure to punish culprits who parody and contempt Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has also exasperated Muslims. They want those miscreants to be brought to justice which Obama has not been able to do so far. Obama enjoyed 89% of Muslim vote in 2008 but passion of Muslims for him has definitely subsided this time round. Despite of these hurdles, Obama is still expected to win the votes of overwhelming majority of Muslims.

In addition to above mentioned factors, final swing of Muslim vote will depend on many other reasons as well. For example as elections are approaching close, Republican leaders find it beneficial to criticize Muslims as much as possible. Perhaps they have learned the technique from European countries where bashing Muslims is a formula for guaranteed success. Furthermore, Muslims also want things which other Americans want that are education, employment, economy, health care. However, they also want the restoration of their civil rights which have been abolished in prevailing security situation in America.

Although Muslims are a small minority as compared to overall population of America yet they are concentrated in decisive states like Michigan and Florida. There vote can change the course of general polls in the last minute and both parties would be aware of that. But surprisingly both parties have totally ignored Muslims in their campaigns. They were the focus of Obama’s campaign last time but even he has not incorporated anything for them in current campaign.

But one thing is confirm, anti Muslim policies could result success in the past but both Obama and Romney should keep in mind that Muslims are rapidly growing as a community. Moreover, they are mostly present in states that are going to have final impact on the outcome of the presidential elections.

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