Healthy Islamic Etiquettes While Savoring Meal

Health is one of the utmost magnificent graces of Allah Almighty bestowed, which is subset of the abundant donations and venerable bounties upon Humankind. Bearing safe and sound health is a great possession which along innumerable favors of Lord are hard to refute. Muslims around the globe are the cultural distributers but religion Islam imparts

Surah Rahman: And Which of The Favors of Thy Lord Will Ye Deny?

Surah Rahman is one of the imperative and reverend Surah of Quran that enumerates dive blessings of Allah Almighty that He has bestowed upon the human kind. The Surah entails the innumerable favors of sole worshiping Lord encompassing favors, wrath of Allah in the form of Resurrection Day and His eternal omnipotence. The verse “denial

How to Maintain Good Habits After Ramadan

Ramadan is the month of fasting for atonement of sins and purification of soul. It is a response to the carnal desires for eating, drinking and sleeping. A way that instills discipline in lives ensuring that the needs are met according to the indispensable requirements with in the pursuit of gratitude towards Allah Almighty. Fasting

Prevention of Boasting (Showing Off) in Islam

Islam promotes morality and goodness in its followers. It is a clear guidance for the entire world population. The Religion of Peace comprises of two main sources of supervision, i.e. Quran Majeed and Sunnah of the Holy Prophet ﷺ. Both of them instruct the believers to adopt righteousness and abstain from wrongdoings. Abu Hurrairah (R.A)

Happiness Is In Remembrance Of Allah

It is very common among humans that one always remembers those in mind and cares about them whom it loves. For example, a mother always worries about its children’s` well being and is comforted every time she looks at them being in a good state. Likewise, the Creator of the universe also likes to see

Misconceptions Related To Muslims That Have No Grounds

Islam is the religion of peace and humanity but for few of the westerns it is a religion reduced to fanaticism, polygamy and fatalism. The facade of Islam has grotesquely distorted by Western Media, rendered facts and the misconceptions they have instilled in the minds of their people. Any man with a gun and beard