Kids Dua Series – Islamic Duas Learning App For Muslim Kids

Kids Dua Series is a smartphone app for kids of age between 1 to 9 years. The duas included in this app are for young Muslims who have just started learning the basics of Islam. Kids Dua Series is a among the useful list of free Islamic apps and parenting tool for people who are

Qibla Connect – Smart App To Know Right Direction of Qibla

Qibla Connect is a Qibla locator mobile application for Android and iOS platforms. By using this app, besides other functions, the users can easily find the direction of Qibla no matter wherever they are in the world and thus say their five times prayer by facing towards Qibla. Therefore, this app, developed by the

Step by Step Salat Mobile App – An Easy Way to Learn Namaz

Step by Step Salat is a mobile app that will guide you about how to pray in Islam. Using step by step Salat will help you fulfill the obligation of Islamic prayer. Each step of Salat is described in this smartphone app in form of pictures with elaborated description. Along with the categorical description of

6 Kalma of Islam – Free App to Learn Basics of Muslim Belief

6 Kalmas of Islam is an app containing the 6 fundamental Kalmas required for complete faith in Allah. These six Kalmas are the essence of Islam. Many Muslims remember first Kalma only.  This app gives you a chance to memorize all the Kalmas. Both, Android and iPhone users can use the following buttons to download

Benefits and Rewards of Listening the Holy Quran

Quran is the ultimate source of guidance for Muslims, a Book that contains Divine knowledge and the instructions of it are complete within itself for the guidance and mentoring of Muslims. Therefore, for a Muslim there is no book that is more sacred than Quran and the ruling of which stands above and before all

5 Great Role Models for Muslim Women

If the history of Islam be viewed and analyzed from an objective point of view, then one would ultimately reach the conclusion that women have a great role and status in Islam and throughout the Islam history they have made their contributions and for those contribution they have been revered and appreciated. Like renowned and