Muslims Kids Name App for Selecting Islamic Names for Boys and Girls

Muslim Kids Names is a smartphone app with a collection of Muslim names and their meanings in English for both genders. Since giving the baby a meaningful name is one of the most fundamental requirement for parents, thus many parents look for resources where they can find good names for their kids. Muslim Kids Names

Last 20 Surahs App – Surahs with Heart Touching Recitations

Last 20 Surahs is a cost free Islamic app entailing the last twenty chapters of the Holy Quran smartly combined together in one place. Having this app in your cell phone helps you remembering the verses from these Surahs in an easy way. Therefore, you are suggested to keep this in your smartphone as this

Surah Yaseen App – The Heart of Quran for Your Smartphone

Surah Yaseen is an app created by to bring you the Heart of Quran in your smartphone! This app features Surah Yaseen from the Holy Quran. The importance of Surah Yaseen for Muslims is undeniable. Using the Surah Yaseen mobile app gives you a chance to achieve Jannah within a short time through reading

99 Names of Allah and Muhammad (PBUH) – Free SmartPhone App

99 Names is a precious Islamic App which can be downloaded for free on your smartphone. This app features 99 names of Allah with their meaning and description and 99 names of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). An audio playback feature is included which allows the user to listen to a beautiful recitation of names of Allah

Last 10 Surahs of Quran – Gift Of Ten Surahs In ONE App!

Last 10 Surahs is an Islamic app including the last 10 Surahs from the Holy Quran. This app is for every Muslim who wants to learn the Holy Quran with its meaning. These Surahs are helpful for recitation in establishing Salat. The Surahs included in this app are: Surah Al-Fil Surah Quraysh Surah Al-Ma`un Surah

Muslim Dua Now Mobile App – Beautiful Duas for Daily Life

Muslim Dua Now is an app designed for Muslims around the world who don’t get the time to go through Islamic books and are looking for authentic duas to pray. This app is a solution to all your needs as every Muslim knows that a prayer in time can save you from a lot of