How To Be More Grateful To Allah Swt

When we are given favors by someone, we always show our appreciation for it. This sense of acknowledgement shows how we humans are dependent on help of one another. Every now and then, we encounter some problem, and look for assistance, e.g. if someone`s car just broke down the road in the middle of nowhere,

Rights Of The Parents: From Ahadith Viewpoint

Words like kindness, affection, love, care, forgiveness etc. come into our minds when we think about our parents. They are the reason why one exists in this world. A mother`s love for starts even before being born: she keeps one in her womb, goes through stresses and pains, and after a baby is born, she

Never Miss Prayer – Annoying Alarm to Wake You Up for Fajr

Never Miss Prayer is an interesting Salat Alarm/Reminder application developed by The Quran Reading Academy. With this annoying alarm app, you can Pray on time especially Fajr Salat. Along with setting prayer reminder, select which type of alarm you want to use. There are four different alarms to choose from, which are: Tap the screen

Taqwa – How to Build Up This Habit

The common meaning of a term “Taqwa” known to us all is “piety or the fear of Allah Almighty”. But this is not the complete and exact interpretation of this terminology. The Creator of the universe has mentioned as being “merciful” to all His mankind repeatedly in the Holy Quran, and without the shadow of

Common Misconceptions About Islam

It is a common notion among western and other parts of the world that Islam is full of wrongful and wicked things. Due to increase in biased use of internet from Anti-Islamic camps, and growing number of international electronic media who are involved in spreading propaganda by associating so called terrorist attacks with Muslims, and

8 Facts About The Masjid e Nabvi

When Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) set out on Hijrah journey (as directed by Allah Almighty) from Makkah towards Madina, He did not have any residence in that city just then. He stayed at some notable and generous tribes on the way, who offered Him place to live. But He declined their proposals by showing His gratefulness