Consideredable Factors In Parents-Teachers-Students Trio For Effective Quran Learning

The one thing that has been integral to all the human development from the Stone Age to this era of technology is knowledge. From day one to present all the development and progress that has taken place rests on the idea of acquiring of knowledge and then it’s imparting to others. Therefore, if the process of sharing of knowledge were somehow made stagnant, man would have still been living in caves.

Parents-Teachers-Students Trio

Besides the transference of worldly knowledge, the other type of knowledge that has been transferred from one generation to the other for generations is religious knowledge. All the religions of the world have survived because the followers of the religion continued on sharing the religious knowledge since its initiation. Islam is one of the major religions of the world and by far it is the only religion that has survived without any alteration or human fabrication to the information it originally came with. The reason for this is the commitment of the followers towards the genuineness of information, and the fact that the Quran is under the vigilance of Allah Almighty Himself.

Quran is the primary source of knowledge for Muslims; this is the reason why every Muslim child, teenager and adult learns Quran. In the modern world because of the expansion of Muslims to different parts of the world, the learning of Quran has to rely on internet technology. The number of institutes that provide online Quran learning facility is increasing day after day. However, for effective imparting of Quran knowledge and effective learning, the parents, teachers and the students are the main players that have to be satisfied.

The lines below give the major points that members of this Quran learning trio must consider for better learning and imparting of Quran education.

What Parents Must Consider With Regards To Teachers:

There are a few things which a Quran teacher might want to say to the parents of the student, but could not say so because of some reason. Following are the things that parents must consider pertaining to better imparting of knowledge when in relation with parents.

  1. The Quran teachers of the children must also be given the same reverence and respect as the parents give to the teachers of other subjects.
  2. The Quran teachers also have to earn their bread by offering their services, therefore, it must be ensured by the teachers that they are given their payment on time regularly.
  3. The time of teacher is as important as any other person, therefore, parents must ensure punctuality to make sure that the time of teachers is not wasted and the children receive proper classes.
  4. The parents must also inform the teachers regarding cancelling of a class before hand and must also ensure that the children are ready when the teacher comes online.
  5. The parents must make sure that the children revise their lesson at home so that they are not at sea during the class. Moreover, the parents must also ensure that the children are properly dressed as per the adab of Quran before the class.
  6. If the teacher moves the student back in some lesson, then parents must not indulge with it as a teacher only does so because the student is not prepared for the next lesson and parents should understand that, and if there is any criticism on the performance of the child, parents must not take it personally rather consider it a part of learning curve.

What Teachers Must Consider With Regards To Children:

There are a few things which a child might also want to say to the teachers but could not say so because of some reason. Some things that teachers must consider for effective learning with regards to students are:

  1. Don’t be too hard on the students and refrain from undue criticism, as it de-motivates the students.
  2. Try to appreciate the efforts of the students even though they are not able to deliver as you expect.
  3. Appreciation is necessary when it comes to motivating the students and improving their efficiency.
  4. If you see a student lagging behind or being lazy then keep on urging the student as there are students who require an extra push.
  5. Try not to take the student back to the basics, rather keep the student on the same lesson until the student learns it properly.
  6. The teacher must tell all the requirements, rules and regulations of learning to the student at the initiation of the session and analyze the caliber of the student must also be judged at the start for devising a proper lesson plan.

What Teachers Must Consider With Regards To Parents:

For better and effective learning, there are a few things that a parent always wants to say to a teacher but could not do so because of several reasons. Some things that a teacher must consider with regards to the parents are:

  1. Being too strict to the children makes it hard for the parents to get them ready for the class; therefore, teachers must understand this factor and be a bit considerate when dealing with the students.
  2. The prime objective of parents is to have their children learn Quran, therefore, the teachers must pay proper attention to the students and try their level best to make children learn and understand Quran.
  3. The teachers must also make sure that the parents are kept in loop in case the children are not memorizing their lesson properly or are being rude to the teacher.
  4. The teachers must let the parents know about cancellation of class or if they want to arrange a makeup class, so that the parents can adjust their schedule accordingly and ensure the presence of the students.


In short, to make learning of Quran effective, it is imperative that the parents-teacher-students trio must have effective communication. The more communicative and cooperative the three members are better will be the learning.

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