Productive Ways Towards Good Deeds in Islam

Closing eyes and thinking about all the good deeds makes one enlighten and jubilant deep inside. You have provided someone with a helping hand or have made someone smile? Helped someone crossed the road, alleviate someone tension and helped him in getting their task accomplish? Give or donate charity for the betterment of someone? Did chores and provide few hours of ease to your mother?

These are all small yet generous gestures to make people smile and to do good deeds for sake of Allah to get His mercy in return. While doing and thinking of all this for a moment person gets disappointed to know that whether these all deeds have any value in front of Allah that too when a person has committed sins or in habit of denying Allah’s orders or be wasted.

This sure is a thing to worry about but let us contemplate Islamic scriptures and narrations what are the commandments of Allah in this regard and on what basis our small good deeds be accepted despite being nature of the deed.

Pure Intentions:

Every deed will be measured and rewarded according to the intention of the person that is why the first Hadith of Sahih Bukhari stated that “The reward of deeds depends upon the intentions and every person will get the reward according to what he has intended.”

The entire criterion for the acceptance is intention. Doing a deed and doing deed with good intention are separate things. The intention that doing this deed will reward a Muslim with virtues and help attaining the mercy of Allah in this dunya and afterwards then this surely is a base that Allah will accept the deed and will reward accordingly.

Plead for Forgiveness Everyday:

In our daily life, we commit sins willingly or unwillingly which leads to Allah’s wrath at times. At the end of the day, the best practice is to ask for Allah forgiveness and to plead for refuge from Satan.

good deeds

The divine verse of Quran clearly states that “… And Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people.” [Quran 3:86]

Meaning, if a person commits mistake and stick to it, Allah neither will forgive him nor will accept his good deeds.

Most of the times we plan to do something good like getting up for the pre dawn prayers or doing good to someone but then forget to do so, this all too is recorded in one’s good acts in accordance to intention. Allah evidently says in Quran:

good deeds ways

“Save those who afterward repent and do right. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.” [Quran 3:89]

Ask for Allah’s forgiveness, as He is the one who can impart mercy and can pull a person out of his misery. Hadith attest to it as:

“Turn you people in repentance in Allah and beg pardon of Him. I turn to Him in repentance a hundred times a day.” [Muslim]

Whenever glorify Allah and offer prayers five a day, do integrate Forgiveness in your daily remembrance.

Make Supplication from Heart:

Nothing has an impact but a verse direct from the core of one’s heart. It was the custom of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that he whenever supplicate he used to ask for the protection of his heart. In Quran Allah says:

Deeds and islam

“And know that Allah intervenes between a man and his heart and that to Him you will be gathered.” [Quran 8:24]

Every Muslim should ask Allah to revert his heart towards Him, which will result in abiding all those act which Allah has ordered to abstain from and keep one’s self away from because eventually these things become reason for the blindness and deafness of hearts. This dua should be the core part of our daily supplications:

“O You Who changes the hearts, make my heart firm on Your religion.” [Ibn Majah]

Avoid Procrastination:

Avoid delaying any good deed meaning, if any good act and thought comes in your mind then do it at once. Procrastination is to Islam as fire to wood because Islamic narrations states that whenever there was anything that leads to good then Prophet would perform it at his first convenience.

“I remembered that I had a little gold with me and I wanted to rush to do a good deed and not delay it, so I ordered that it immediately be distributed.” [Bukhari]

Do Not Quit Striving:

We all Muslims are aware of the fact that no one but Allah is perfect and we can never achieve or reach that level of perfection. Always strive for the betterment to follow the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and do what is deem appropriate in lieu of Shariah and Quran.

Strive harder and ask Allah for help because no one but he can award you and bless you with what a person wants and desire.

Shield Yourself Against Satan Trials:

Seek refuge from the trials of Satan because Satan is the worst enemy to distract a person from his way and stop him from righteous path. To beseech refuge recite imperative Surahs of Quran like Surah Rahman, Surah Yaseen, and Surah Naas. Blow these Surahs upon yourself as a protective layer from the tribulations of Satan for the rest of your day.

Read Quran also listen to the audio recitation  and appropriate Duas which Allah and His Messenger have asked to recite in order to ward off Satan.

Be Thankful to Allah:

The purpose of creation is to worship Allah and be thankful to Him for what He has embarked upon us. Thanking Allah is a modest way towards worshipping the Exalted Lord as whatever we are today and we do is because of His favors.

We get up in the morning and find appropriate energy to worship Him, this is because of His favors upon His believers. We sleep and reach in almost dead state but yet again, He provides us with the chances to start our day in order to carry on with the left tasks and be thankful to Him.

productive deeds ways

“O you who have believed, eat from the good things which We have provided for you and be grateful to Allah if it is [indeed] Him that you worship.” [2:172]

In short, do haste in performing good deeds because life is all about spreading happiness, do good, and have good. This attitude is the actual essence of Islamic teachings.

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