Signs of a Mabroor (Accepted) Hajj

There are five pillars of Islam among which Hajj is the most important. Hajj is obligatory on every physically and financially stable Muslim once in a lifetime. Being able to perform Hajj is the blessing for all Muslims. Hajj is the form of worship that Muslim owes to Allah Almighty. In the Holy Quran Allah (SWT) says “…Pilgrimage to the House is a duty owed to Allah by all who can make their way to it…” (Quran, 3:97).  Muslim can erase all his previous sins by performing Hajj with love and enthusiasm for Almighty Allah.

When pilgrims came back home after performing Hajj they returned spiritually refreshed, forgiven of their previous sins and all set to start their new life free from sins. For those who performed Hajj with sincere intention our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said in one of His hadith:  “Whoever performs Hajj for the pleasure of Allah and therein utters no word of evil, nor commits any evil deed, shall return from it (free from sin) as the day on which his mother gave birth to him.” (Muslim)

Mabroor (accepted) Hajj is the one which is not mixed with any misdeed. Holy Prophet (SAW) said that: “Verily there shall be no reward for an accepted Hajj except Jannah” (Al-Bukhari). Pilgrims should stick to the spiritual values rest of their lives that they learned during the holy journey of Hajj. If pilgrims want to know their Hajj is accepted then they need to focus on their actions before and after performing Hajj. Those whose Hajj is accepted by Allah Almighty are the lucky ones and they are ones whose sins have been forgiven.

Signs of an Accepted Hajj

Below we will discuss some signs that will help pilgrims to let them know whether their Hajj has been accepted or not by Almighty Allah.

  • The accepted Hajj refers to the one performed truly and offered with full sincerity to Allah Almighty.
  • Signs of an accepted Hajj also includes that the man returns from Hajj as a better person than the one he was before the Hajj and that he keeps away from sins.
  • The sincerity of intention should remain even after the Hajj. The pilgrim should not show off about Hajj.
  • The sign of an Accepted Hajj is that upon one’s return, his life changes from worst to good. The person who performed Hajj indulges in good deeds and always tries to fulfill the commands of Allah Almighty.
  • If pilgrim Hajj is accepted the person will run away from all those things that Allah Almighty disliked.
  •  Pilgrim should try his best to fulfill the obligations laid down by Allah and must be grateful that his Hajj has been accepted.

The above mentioned were some signs of an Accepted (Mabroor) Hajj. The pilgrim should continue performing good deeds and acts of worship regularly until he meets Allah Almighty. May Allah accept the Hajj of all pilgrims who performed this year! Ameen