Step By Step Wudu – An App to Know How to Properly Make Wudu

Step by Step Wudu is an app that helps the novice Muslims and the children to learn about the right way of performing Wudu. With the help of this app the users can learn the necessary elements of Wudu and the order in which they are to be performed in order to ensure proper Wudu. The new convert Muslims who don’t have guidance available can consult the app to know about the requisites of Wudu, whereas, Muslim parents can also effectively utilize the app to teach their children about the proper way of performing Wudu.

Muslim Wudu

The app is available on both Google Playstore and iTunes. The major benefits and features of Step by Step Wudu are discussed in the lines below.

Benefits For The User

In addition to being a guide that tells the right way of performing Wudu, the app carries the following major benefits for the users:

  1. As the name tells, a user would get to know the real process involved in making Wudu.
  2. The app explains each and every step of the Wudu with the help of graphical description for better understanding pertaining to performing of each steps.
  3. Users can compare their way of performing with the app to find the differences and similarities so that they can correct their mistakes they do while making ablution.
  4. The duas before and after Wudu are also included in the app that truly drives the spirit towards making Wudu.
  5. As ablution is considered one of the etiquettes of reciting the Quran, learning to Wudu through this app helps you fulfill this per-requisite of reading and reciting the Holy Book.

Islamic Prayer mobile app


In order to make the app more interesting and user friendly, the Step by Step Wudu app comes with different features. Some major features that make the app standout from the rest and be a better guide for Muslims are as under:

  1. Images- The Step by Step Wudu app contains images against every step of the Wudu. Thus, in addition to reading the description of every step, the user can now see the images as well to see how the steps are performed.
  2. Supplications- The app also contains supplications that are to be said at the start and end of Wudu to ear greater blessings and reward from Allah Almighty. Thus, in addition to purity, performing Wudu with supplication comes with blessings and reward as well.
  3. Tips And Warnings- The Step by Step Wudu app also contains different tips and Warnings that a user must keep in mind while performing Wudu in order to ensure that Wudu is performed in the right way and it is complete.

How to make wudu mobile app

Once you are done with learning the right way of making Wudu, the next step is to check do you offer your prayer in the right way? We have a solution for that. Simply check our Step by Step Salat App entailing a full guide to learn Namaz.


In short, the Step by Step Wudu app is the best solution for all those Muslims who are either new converts, or who don’t have access to any religious institute where they can learn the right way of performing Wudu. Moreover, the app is also a great choice for parents who wish to teach their children about ablution in the simplest manner possible.