The Door is about to Close-A Farewell to the Month of Ramadan

Allah Almighty blessed us with the holy month of Ramadan and bestowed His favor upon us. We thank Allah (SWT) for the blessing of Ramadan and for all that He has facilitated us to do in this blessed month and we ask Him to give us the best ending to the month as this holy month is about to end in few days. This blessing and virtue-filled month of Ramadan has only come and stayed with us for a while to bring us a chance to purify and cleanse ourselves of wrongdoing and misdeeds and gave us the opportunity to invest for the next world which will remain forever.

We ask Allah (SWT) for the best of endings as we know that actions are judged by their endings. While using whatever is left of the month to perform good actions we should also spend some time seeking forgiveness from Allah Almighty what we had done in past and also in the month of fasting. We should have great hope in Allah that He accepts our actions in Ramadan and allows us to experience Ramadan again. Stay in touch with Ramadan, continue the good work and good deeds and start with the sequel event of the six days of Shawwal.

Lucky are those who are able to grab the Lailatul Qadar (Night of Power), a night which could only be found in the last ten days of Ramadan from 20th until 30th of Ramadan. Lailatul Qadar is better and superior to one thousand months of worship. We all should avail this opportunity and maximize our prayers in the last nights of Ramadan. Allah Almighty said in Holy Quran: “We have indeed revealed this message in the Night of Power. And what will explain to thee what the night of power is? The Night of Power is better than a thousand months. There come down the Angels and the Spirit by Allah’s permission on every errand: Peace! This until the rise of the morning” (Quran, 97:1-5)

So for saying goodbye to this holy month of Ramadan we should rise in the last nights of Ramadan and pray in excess with Quran recitation in excess. It has been suggested that the Night of Power could be on 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th or 29th of Ramadan. The reason why Allah Almighty, did not make known on which night this virtuous night falls, is so that His servants will strive hard to seek that particular night by performing various acts of worships starting on the night of 21st especially acts of Ibadah such as Tahajjud, recitation of the Quran and many more in the middle of the night for the sake of Allah Almighty.

The month of Ramadan is about to end, it is the month which renews and recharged our faith. Now that it has completed its objective and given us a graceful uplifting of Eman, it is now upon us is to remain constant upon what it has given us or not. So, even after Ramadan, we should try to keep our faith the way we have in Ramadan. One should rise last third of the night and pray like prayed during the month of Ramadan. Fast with the same strong-willed as during the month of Ramadan. Celebrate the end of Ramadan with another act of worship, with Istighfaar and do not forget to pay Zakat al-Fitr. And always remember that you may not see the next month of Ramadan because no one knows the time of death. May Allah accepts our fasts and worship what we did in the holy month of Ramadan and also forgive us. Ameen!

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