The Importance Of Surah kahf-Friday And Its Major Themes

In today’s blog “The Importance Of Surah kahf-Friday And Its Major Themes” we will explore the benefits of reciting Surah kahf on Friday, will look into its 4 major themes and its topics discussed in it, in the perspective of “Quran” and “Ahadees.”

A brief overview of Surah kahf

  • Surah Kahf is a Makki Surah.
  • Surah Kahf has 110 Verses and is the eighteenth Surah of the Quran.
  • The Meaning of Kahf is “The Cave”
  • Named after the occurrence of individuals of the cavern or the Ashab al Kahf.

Mehboob e Khuda, Hazrat Muhammad SAW said,

“Whoever peruses Surah Kahf upon the arrival of Friday will have a light that will sparkle from him starting with one Friday then onto the next.” (Al-Jaami)

Three Inquiries and their Answers

This Surah was sent down in answer to the three inquiries which the mushriks of Makkah, in the conference with the individuals of the Book, had put to the Holy Prophet to test him. These were: (1) Who were “the Sleepers of’ the Cave”? (2) What is the genuine story of Khidr? what’s more, (3) What do you think about Zul-Qarnain? As these three inquiries and the tales included concerned the historical backdrop of the Christians and the Jews and were obscure in Hijaz, a decision of these was made to test whether the Holy Prophet had any wellspring of the information on the covered up and concealed things. Allah, be that as it may, not just furnished a total response to their inquiries yet also utilized the three stories to the hindrance of the rivals of Islam in the contention that was going on around then at Makkah among Islam and un-conviction:

The examiners were informed that “the Sleepers of the Cave” had faith in similar teaching of Tauhid which was being advanced in the Quran and that their condition was like the state of the aggrieved Muslims of Makkah. Then again, the persecutors of the Sleepers of the Cave had carried on similarly towards them as the skeptics of the Quraish were carrying on towards the Muslims. Other than this, the Muslims have been encouraged that regardless of whether a Believer is mistreated by a savage society, he ought not to bow down before deception yet emigrate from the spot in solitude, if need be, with trust in God. By chance, the doubters of Makkah were recounted to that the tale of the Sleepers of the Cave was an away from of the doctrine of the Hereafter, for this demonstrated Allah can revive anybody He wills considerably after a long rest of death as He did if there should be an occurrence of the Sleepers of the Cave.

The account of the Sleepers of the Cave has additionally been utilized to caution the head of Makkah who were oppressing the little recently shaped Muslim Community. Simultaneously, the Holy Prophet has been told that he ought to for no situation make a trade-off with their persecutors nor should he believe them to be a higher priority than his helpless supporters. Then again, those boss have been reproved that they ought not to be puffed up with the fleeting existence of delight they were then getting a charge out of yet should look for after those strengths which are lasting and everlasting.

The account of Khidr and Moses

The account of Khidr and Moses has been connected to gracefully the response to the topic of the doubters and to offer solace to the Believers too. The exercise contained in this story is this “You ought to have full confidence in the shrewdness of what’s going on in the Divine Factory as per the desire of Allah. As the fact of the matter is avoided you, you are at a misfortune to comprehend the insight of what’s going on, and in some cases on the off chance that things are conflicting with you, you shout out, ‘How and why has this occurred’. The truth of the matter is that if the blind is expelled from the “inconspicuous”, you would yourselves come to realize that what’s going on here is generally advantageous. Regardless of whether a few times something is conflicting with you, you will see that at long last it likewise delivers some great outcomes for you.

The equivalent is valid for the account of Zul-Qarnain for it likewise counsels the examiners, as though to state,

“O you vain chiefs of Makkah you should learn a lesson from Zul-Qarnain. Though he was a great ruler, a great conqueror ad the owner of great resources, yet he always surrendered to his Creator, whereas you are rebelling against Him even though you are insignificant chieftains in comparison with him. Besides this, though Zul-Qarnain built one of the strongest walls for protections, yet his real trust was in Allah and not in the “wall”. He believed that the wall could protect him against his enemies as long as it was the will of Allah and that there would be crack and holes in it when it would be His will: whereas you who possess only insignificant fortified abodes and dwellings in comparison with him, consider yourselves to be permanently safe and secure against all sorts of calamities.”

While the Quran reversed the situation on the examiners who had attempted to “uncover” the Holy Prophet, toward the finish of the Surah very similar things have been repeated that were expressed at its start: “Tauhid and the Hereafter are completely evident and genuine and to your benefit, you ought to acknowledge these regulations, retouch your courses as per them and live in this world with this conviction that you are responsible to Allah: else you will destroy your life and all your doings will be set at nothing.”

In the blog “The Importance Of Surah kahf-Friday And Its Major Themes” we tried to present Major themes of the Surah kahf, and tried our best to keep it brief and concise for our readers. Share the great knowledge of Quran with others. As it is a Sadqa e Jaria. May Allah SWT be with all of us in this crucial situation of ours. Aameen.

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