The Social System of Islam

Islam is the religion that promotes peace, love, and respect among Muslims and also with the people of other religions. The society in which Muslims live is known as an Islamic society. Islamic society is the one whose members have “Iman” (faith) in Islam, apply its laws in their life and performing religious duties and abstaining from doing what is unlawful according to Islam. The foundations of the social system of Islam depends on the belief that we are all equal and constitute one single society based on Islamic teachings.

Allah Almighty created a human couple to herald the beginning of the life of mankind on earth, and everybody living in the world today originates from this couple. Islam makes clear to all men that they have come from the same parents and are therefore brothers and equal as human beings. Islam says that if there is any real difference between man and man it cannot be one of race, color, country or language, but of ideas, beliefs and principles.


Anyone who believes in Allah Almighty and accepts the guidance of the Prophets as the law of his life can join the community or society of Islam, whether he is a resident of America or Africa, whether he belongs to any race, whether he is black or fair-skinned, whether he speaks any language. All those who join the Islamic community will have the same rights and social status. They will not be subjected to any racial, national or class distinctions. No one will be regarded as high or low.

The religion Islam made the social preference in man based on his worship to Allah and follow His Good Pleasure and Generous Recompense, through the channel of providing other fellow humans with service and help and not the fulfillment of his individual needs and interests. Living the faith is worship one can do service for Allah Almighty through service to humankind. Islam requires all its followers to be faithful and helpful and to share each other’s sorrows and happiness.

The social system of Islam enjoins the people to establish a strong relationship in which one can depend upon the other for help. A true Islamic society is where people can keep loyalty and faith among themselves. In an Islamic society, one has to respect the rights of others and conduct good duties towards each other. Mutual respect, kindness, and Justice towards each other create a close relationship and good morals in Islamic society. The foremost and fundamental institution of human society is the family unit.

The people of Islamic society should co-operate in acts of goodness and righteousness but not in acts of sin and injustice. Keeping good morals is another significant principle of the social system in Islam. Honesty, faithfulness, respecting neighbors, love, mercy, sacrifice, sympathy, keeping ties with near kin, and being kind and humble to others, are some other factors which consolidate a society and make happy its members. Being Muslim it is our duty and responsibility to form an Islamic society and keep it safe from corrupt elements by means of enjoining good and forbidding evil.

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