Tips on Enjoying The Ramadan Taraweeh Prayer

The month of ramadan comes with fasting, the preparations of Suhoor and the joys of Iftaar. Moreover, in this month there is no Satan to tempt nor any doors of hell open. Rather, the only thing that is open in this month is the door of Paradise. Therefore, by being good in this month and worshipping Allah Almighty more than normal, a Muslim can increase the chances of entering paradise.

One of the major Ramadan worshiping prayer besides the mandatory prayers is Taraweeh. It is the prayer which Muslims undertake generally in congregation after the prayer of Ishaa and consists of various Rakats in which Quran is recited. The number of Rakats usually varies from eight to 20, therefore, for some of the Muslims the offering of Taraweeh becomes tedious and boring.

Namaz e Taraveeh

The essence of prayers is to enjoy them while performing them and not feel bored or grave. Therefore, it is imperative that a Muslim makes special preparations for Taraweeh in order to enjoy the prayer and not just go through it as a set of tedious postures.

It Comes Once In a Year:

If you cannot find the motivation to enjoy Taraweeh, then perhaps the thing that can help in motivating you and keeping full of spirit during the whole Taraweeh period is thinking of the fact that it is a one time in a year opportunity. When you think of it like this way, then you try to make the most out of it and try enjoying Taraweeh in the best manner possible. When you have such a thought, you enjoy each and every word recited in each and every Rakat. Therefore, try thinking of the Taraweeh prayer as once in a year opportunity to praise Allah and seek forgiveness, which will help you in enjoying your worship.

Choose the Perfect Mosque

It goes without saying that listening to heart touching recitation of Holy Quran is actually enlightening and enchanting to heart and soul. Since basic purpose of performing Taraweeh prayer is to listen the Quran, it would be feasible to spot a Masjid in which there has been arrangement of special Reciter (Qari). This would double the taste of listening the holy Quran.

Leave The Stresses At Home:

Although it may seem impossible to do, however, the essence is that you leave all your stresses and tensions at your home before you leave for the mosque. When you go with burden on your head and heart, it naturally becomes difficult for you to have concentration in the prayer during the course of Taraweeh, therefore, avoid it by keeping your mind clear of stressful thoughts before you stand for Taraweeh prayer. If there are some chores and tasks that might haunt you during the Taraweeh, then finish them off before its start or set them for after Taraweeh session.

Go With Friends And Family:

Another factor that can keep you motivated and help you perform Taraweeh with interest is going to the Taraweeh congregational prayer with friends and family. Having your friends and family go with you to the mosque and then standing beside them during the whole Taraweeh session keeps you motivated and gives you a feeling of enthusiasm about Taraweeh. Therefore, the next time you go to Taraweeh prayer try going with your friends or family members and it will contribute positively to your interest.

Arrive Early:

When you reach the mosque on the nick of time, then obviously you are in a hurry to join the prayer and your mind takes time to prepare and accept the atmosphere it has become a part of, therefore, it is imperative that you arrive early at the mosque. When you arrive early at the mosque, you actually start preparing for the Taraweeh mentally, you get accustomed to the atmosphere and start thinking that you are going to stand in front of Allah and praise Him. Thus, this way your mind gets the motivation and interest for Taraweeh prayer and you remain in the same stance throughout the prayer.

Eat The Right Foods In Iftaar:

Although standing in prayer is a matter of soul and heart, however, after all a person is standing, therefore, the body of a person is also of importance. In this regard, the kind of Iftaar you have has direct impact on the kind comfort you face during the Taraweeh prayer. Therefore, in this regard it is of grave importance that you eat the right and light foods in Iftar so that when you stand during the Taraweeh, your stomach doesn’t get upset neither do you feel uncomfortable in performing the postures of Taraweeh prayer.

Focus On Recitation:

Another way in which you can increase your interest in Taraweeh is by focusing on recitation of Quran. Pertaining to recitation of Quran in Taraweeh, there is a specific pattern followed that starts from the beginning of Quran and ends at the end of ramadan with the end of Quran. Therefore, you can keep track of the recitation of Quran and if you are familiar with reading Holy Quran in Arabic, then at home when you recite Quran during the fast, you can read the translation of the excerpt that is going to be recited in the Taraweeh during the night. This way, your focus on the recitation of the Quran improves which automatically brings you joy and happiness and increases your interest in the whole Taraweeh session.

Carry Water With You:

The Taraweeh sessions are long and all the repetition of movement during the session is no less than an exercise, which can obviously dehydrate you. Therefore, it is of grave importance that you carry a bottle of water with you to the mosque. This way by drinking water whenever you feel thirsty within the prayer break, you ensure that you stay hydrated, which consequently leads to better focus and energy.

Bottom Line:

In a nutshell, Taraweeh is the jewel in the month of ramadan. The fasting of the whole day is further charmed and garnished with the Taraweeh session during the night. Therefore, it is imperative that every Muslim offers Taraweeh during the night and does so with true heart and actually enjoys the prayer instead of just getting over with it.