Tips To Become A True Muslim By Following Quran and Sunnah

Although the proclamation of Shahada is enough for entering into the circle of Islam, however, no Muslim enters Islam just to remain at the same stage of spiritual purity and faith with which he or she entered Islam. Every Muslim wants to progress in faith and wants to be a True Muslim not just a Muslim.

Becoming True Muslim

In order to be a true Muslim, a person has to put Islam to practice and follow the instructions religiously. For beginners, a Quran tutor can help best in this regard as he or she can help explain the ayahs of Quran that contain instructions, however, an understanding of the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is also required to see that how He put those instructions to practice. The lines below discuss such pivotal tips that can help you become a better and true Muslim.

Believe In Allah:

The most imperative thing that is the core of all the Islamic faith is the believe in Allah. It is the nature and grandeur of this belief that shapes the life of a Muslim and makes him or her a better Muslim or someone who is just a Muslim by name. if one has strong believe in Allah, he or she would indulge in good and forbid bad, which is the essence of Islam. Thus, when a person lives by this motto of enjoining good and refraining from evil, he or she actually becomes a better Muslim and it all finds its roots in the fact that how strong does a person believe in Allah, His Might, His Mercy, His Justice and so on.

Obligatory Prayers:

If there is one single thing that represents Muslim these days or has been a representative of Muslims since Islam is the obligatory prayers. Muslims all over the world prostrate in front of Allah Almighty five times a day. The prayers are an identity of a Muslim at a superficial level, however, at a deeper level, prayers represent the essence of Islam and a Muslim, which is that all the people are subjects of Allah and He as the Lord deserves praise, worship and all the prayers. Thus, when a Muslim is in the habit of offering prayers five times a day, he or she is actually living the spirit of Islam and living more close to the image of a true Muslim.

Learn Quran And Hadith:

When it comes to finding the right way or crossing any hurdle on the right way, for a Muslim Quran and hadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stand as beacons of light and guidance. These two are the absolute sources towards which Muslims look for guidance, therefore, if a Muslim wishes to walk on the path of becoming a true Muslim, these two are what can help and guide a Muslim towards the right path. Ergo, a Muslim must learn Quran with understanding as much as possible and also gain knowledge of the hadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in order to know and stay on the path of righteousness.

If you are interested in learning the Holy Quran, you can get Quran Tutoring Classes from Quran Reading Academy while, the knowledge of Hadith can be obtained from the Hadith books. The one you can keep in your smartphone is Sahih Muslim which entails a significant number of sayings of Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)


Dhikr refers to the rememberance of Allah Almighty. Allah is the creator and sustainer of life, therefore, for a Muslim it is imperative to remember Allah all the time. The more a Muslim remembers Allah, the more he or she becomes conscious of His existence, which makes sticking to the right path easier and keeps a person motivated towards being a better and true Muslim.

Sabar and Shukar:

Sabar means being patient and Shukar means being grateful. These are two of the most important traits that are to be present in a Muslim and these two are the signature traits of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Being patient in the hard time means that a Muslim has faith in Allah that He will change the circumstances in favor, while being grateful to Him in the times of prosperity shows that a Muslim recognizes the fact that whatever good comes is from Him. When these two traits are incorporated by a Muslim in his or her lifestyle, it all changes for better and makes it easier for the Muslim to practice Islam and be a true Muslim.

Be Charitable:

Islam takes great care of the less fortunate members of the society and encourages its followers to empathize with such members of society by being charitable and giving Zakaat. When a Muslim is charitable and spends from his or her money two things happen. Firstly, the wealth of a Muslim helps make the life of another Muslim better and secondly, being charitable removes the love for wealth and worldly possessions from the heart of a Muslim thus making more space in it for Islam and the love of Allah Almighty. Therefore, being charitable is actually a blessing in disguise for a Muslim.

Be Kind:

Ethics is one of the major preaching of Islam. For a Muslim religious life is of importance, however, in order to be a true believer the religious life needs to be complemented with kindness in the ethics domain as well. Therefore, whenever a Muslim finds a chance, he or she should strive towards being kind and take care of all those around and help them in the time of need.


In short, just accepting Islam or being born a Muslim is not enough, rather once in the circle of Islam a Muslim has to strive towards being a better Muslim so that with the passage of time he or she becomes a better Muslim and on the day of judgment rises among the blessed ones.