Tips To Become A True Muslim By Following Quran and Sunnah

Every person who is born to Muslim parents is a Muslim by birth and a person who accepts Islam after by saying the Kalma is also a Muslim. However, being a Muslim is far more than merely being born to Muslim parents or just entering Islam by saying Kalma. The need for a Muslim is to follow and practice Islam.

After entering Islam or realizing the fact of being a Muslim, it is the duty of every Muslim to follow the Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The lines below give useful tips extracted from Sunnah and Quran that can help a Muslim to become a pure:

1. Faith In Allah-

First of all you need to have a strong unflinching faith on the Supremacy of Allah. He is the creator of all and whatever happens in this world is as per His will. Have strong faith in Allah, all His Prophets and Books He bestowed upon mankind.

2. Pray- Thing to adhere to in prayers is not saying them as a robot, rather there needs to be sincerity in your prayers. Take prayers as a source that helps you avoid all other sins, instead of just performing prayers and continuing sins likewise. Pray with true heart and spirit.

3. Midnight Prayers- Say the prayer of Tahajjud at midnight when most of the people are in sleep. Waking up at midnight shows that your love with Allah and for only him you have woke up and not for reasons of boasting in front of others.

4. Zikr- Reciting the name of Allah Almighty all the times makes a person blessing full. The Zikr purifies a person and makes him close to Allah Almighty.

5. Shukar- Being grateful to Allah Almighty for all you have whether it’s physical, spiritual or mental is another trait of a pure Muslim. When a person believes that all is from Allah Almighty and he becomes more thankful and grateful to Allah for all His blessings.

6. Quran and Hadith- In order to become a true Muslim, a person needs to stay in constant touch with Quran and Hadith of Prophet (PBUH). Both these sources provide guidelines to becoming a true Muslim, no matter whichever walk of life you belong to. If you don’t have time to read Quran at home, you can read Quran online in your office, same goes for Hadith as well.

7. Protect Chastity- Adultery is one of the major sins, therefore, to become a true, you need to protect chastity and always ask Allah for protection.

8. Keeping Promises- Prophet (PBUH) always kept His promise no matter whatever the situation is. Therefore, to become a pure and true Muslim you need to keep your promises, and honor your commitments.

9. Fast- Besides the month of Ramadan fast in other months as well. But do not fast to impress, rather fast only because you want to do it for Allah and Prophet (PBUH) did it as well.

10. Never Lie- One among the people who is most hated by Allah is whom who lies. In order to become a pure Muslim, you need to be a void of lying. When you become a pure Muslim, you become a role model, and a role models are not worth following if the person is a liar. Therefore, commit never to lie.

11. Be Kind- To become a pure you also need to be a kind to everyone, regardless of that they are Muslim or not, as it is what our Prophet (PBUH) did. Moreover, if you are a man, then the best thing you can do is to be kind to your family, as Prophet (PBUH) said:

“The best of you is he who is best to his family.”

12. Strive Towards Goodwill- The path of becoming a pure Muslim also requires sacrifice. In order to practice goodwill, you will have to sacrifice your personal will, be giving, be considerate, helpful, courteous, and charitable, participate in Quran teaching and be a source of providing happiness to others.

In short, being a pure Muslim is not just following a single instruction of Islam. Rather, to become a true Muslim you will have to follow Quran and Sunnah and make them a part of your life, and to seek guidance from both these sources.

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