Understanding the Holy Quran

The Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) said,

“The best among you is the one who learned Quran and taught it to others”.

It is an unfortunate fact that most of the Muslims today do not know what exactly is written in their Holy book, Quran. This is because of several reasons. Sometimes the parents do not understand the significance of teaching the Quran to their children. As a result he children grow up only with a certain set of principles taught by their parents and do not care about realizing the essence of the religion.

Some grownups say that they are too busy in their life to devote too much time to understand the Quran. Actually, the Quran understanding is promoted as something too cumbersome and time consuming by the so-called Islamic scholars. Of course, these scholars have vested interests in doing so. They know that if the masses do not try to understand the Quran by themselves, they can lead them in their desired directions.

There can be several workable strategies for someone who wants to understand the Quran. The first pre-requisite for understanding the Quran is the will of the person to do so. Another thing one must realize is that learning the Quran recitation in Arabic and understanding it are two different things. It is of no doubt that the Quran recitation is a way of earning many virtues. However, if one understands the Quran and transform one’s life that too might earn even more virtues. Of course, the reason of a Muslim’s life is to understand his holy book and to spend the life according to the Islamic principles.

For the Muslims, whose native language (or the mother tongue) is not Arabic; the Quran understanding is possible by reading the translations. The Quran has been translated in almost all the languages of the world. In fact, not many religious scriptures have this distinction. The English translations of the Quran are widely available. The most popular and easy to understand English translation of the Quran is by Pickthal.

So buy a copy of the Quran translation today to lead a life according to the Islamic principles.

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