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When we say that we are the best when it comes to Online Quran Teaching service, it is not just a hollow claim. We are different from the competitors in every regard, some of the main features that will help you compare us with the competitors are:

  • We stand Number 1 as per ranking
  • We are the first to conceive and implement the idea of online Quran learning
  • Every tutor of ours has a rich Islamic background and is experiences in online Quran teaching
  • The latest technology and the best software used by us makes Online Quran Reading a cherished experience
  • With Us you have the convenience of sitting at home selecting a time for class of your desire and the option to change the teacher if you are not satisfied. Thus, we provide an optimal learning experience.

Experience Quran Learning with in a way you have never experienced before.

NoFactQuranReading.comHome Type Acdamics website RatingNumber 1 Online Quran Tutor-----
2Academy's ExperienceThe first and the best, we have taught more than 5000 students?
3Generator for power backupYes 
4Online lecture delivery software/td> (we pay $50 fee per licence, free for students)Netmeeting & other free softwares
5Internet Back-upYes?
6Secure Network safe for kidsYes, 10 full-time engineers maintain it for pop up free and security?
7Well Trained and Qualified TutorsYes?
8Tutors background check before employmentYes?