4 Qul of Quran

4 Qul with Translation ,Transliteration and Recitation
4 Qul of Quran is an Islamic Application which contains highly effective Four Holy Surahs of Al-Quran Majeed, i.e. Al-Kafiroon, Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq and An-Nas. It lets Muslims all over the world recite, learn and listen to beautiful narration of these Sacred Chapters any time. It also comes up with Translation and Transliteration attributes that make the learning process easier.

Some of the most distinguishing characteristics of this mobile app are:

• Comprehensible and pleasing appearance of the text.
• Soulful Audio Commentary of Surahs in voices of four prominent Narrators, i.e. Ahmed Saud, Al-Afsay, Al-Ghamidi and As-Sudais.
• Play and Stop choices are offered to start and pause the recitation anytime.
• Translation of the real implication of the hallowed verses into English, Hindi, Indonesian, Malaysian and Urdu helps user in better understanding.
• Transliteration alternative gives the Arabic transcription in English such as app consumer could grab the correct technique of their articulation.
• Font Size can be changed on a range of small, medium and large.
• 3 discrete Font Styles are readily available.
• 3 outstanding Font Colors are also obtainable.
• User can select from any of the 3 light tinted Background Colors.
• Save and Reset options let one to maintain and modify the previously made changes to Settings.
• One can also let others know about this useful app through different Sharing Platforms using Share Button.

Get this free and easily understandable Smartphone application of 4 Qul of Quran in order to benefit from learning and listening to recitation of one of the most blessed Chapters of the Holy Quran.


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