Surah Maryam

Surah with Translation and Audio Recitation
Surah Maryam is an app featuring Surah Maryam from The Holy Quran with complete translation and recitation. This app is developed to facilitate Muslims in learning to read Surah Maryam.

Surah Maryam will help you in reading the surah anytime you want on your phone. There are limitless virtues ascribed with recitation of Surah Al Maryam. Moreover, this app will greatly improve your recitation ability through transliteration and clear recitation.

Main features of Surah Maryam are:
-• Surah Maryam in Arabic text with recitation by two different reciters.
-• It gives Surah Maryam translation in English to help you in understanding the meaning of Surah.
-• The app provides theme selection option by letting the user chose text size, text color and background color.
-• App provides Transliteration of full Surah Maryam to help in correct pronunciation of Arabic.
-• The app shows the last read verse of Surah Maryam by highlighting that verse.
-• Surah Maryam gives an option to “go to” a specific ayat in the surah by entering ayat number in search field. 
-• The app gives user the choice to select or unselect display of Translation and transliteration of Surah Maryam.

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