Surah Yousaf

Surah with Translation,Transliteration and Recitation
Surah Yousuf is an application featuring Surah Yusuf from The Holy Quran. From this app, you can read the Surah in Arabic along with its recitation, translation and transliteration.

Surah Yousuf is a part of Qasas-ul-Anbiya where Allah tells the story of previous Prophets so that people could learn lessons from their lives as well. This surah is one of the ideal stories from the Quran for Muslim Kids and adults to reap moral benefits in addition to earning reward. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, ‘Teach your relatives the recitation of Surah Yusuf, for, any Muslim who recites it or teaches it to his family and slaves, Allah shall ease for him the agony of death, and give him the strength that will prevent him from envying a fellow Muslim’ - [Ibn Asakir]

Features of Surah Yousuf are:
• This app provides full Surah Yousuf in Arabic for recitation on your smartphone.

• It gives you the choice to listen to recitation of Surah by 2 famous reciters; Al-Ghamidi and Al-Sudais.

• Translation of Surah Yousuf in English is available for those who are interested in better understanding of Quran.

• Transliteration is being provided to allow users with low proficiency in Arabic in reciting Surah with right pronunciation.

• A bookmark option, which leads you to the last read ayat of Surah Yousuf whenever you wish to continue recitation.

• A search option, which enables the user to go to a specific ayat number of Surah Yousuf.

• Benefits of Surah Yousuf are also featured in app to share importance of this Surah and highlight key benefits of reciting it.

• The settings allow the users to customize the font size, font color and background color according to their liking.

• Translation and transliteration can be viewed or hidden from settings based on users’ preference.

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