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Interactive Guide for kids to learn Wudu Steps
Kids Wudu Series is an Android App for teaching kids Wudu. Learn how to make Wudu with easy steps. This Application consist Wudu steps with illustrations. Step by step Salah for kids prior needs Wudu (ablution), Tayammum and Islam Duas to learn and memorize.

To test the kids learning and to keep their interest Quiz has added in the end. Quiz tests kids knowledge about Islam Wudu procedure.

• Interactive images for step by step Wudu
• What is wudu? What is Ghusal? Comprehensive description including how Wudu break, Wudu Dua, farz Wudu, Wudu in Quran for kids
• Memorize Wudu procedure with images and Quiz

Ablution Islam is unique Islamic App for Kids to help them in learning the core steps of performing wudhu. Perform Wudu Islam with supplication and make your Salah perfect as in some Hadith Muslims are ordered to perform Wudu like the Prophet did and as told in Islamic narrations.


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Sep 20, 2015




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