Sahih Muslim Hadith Collection

Collection of All Authentic Hadith By Imam Muslim
Sahih Muslim helps Muslims throughout the world in getting wisdom about hundreds and thousands of Authentic Sayings of the Holy Prophet PBUH collected by Imam Muslim. It also informs about a particular Hadith on every day through Daily Notifications.

Some of the unique attributes of this mobile phone app are:
• Simply comprehensible functionality yet pleasant graphics.
• A wide range of Books on Ahadith recorded by Imam Muslim.
• Ahadiths on nearly every aspect of life matters are covered in it such as Faith, Purification, Prayers, Zakat, Fasting and many others.
• Automatic Daily Announcement about Messenger`s PBUH Narration through Hadith of the Day.
• Search Bar at the top Right of the mobile screen can be accessed to look for a particular topic of interest via two kinds of sources, i.e. By Hadith and By Reference.
• Introduction section informs user about Imam Muslim, genuineness of the collection and that it consists of almost 7500 Hadith in 57 Books.
• Favorites comprises of those Sayings which one has already bookmarked.
• Instructions on how to use the overall facets of app effectively are also included.
• Disclaimer is provided to let the user know about reason behind producing this mobile tool, the degree of efforts been put into it and inviting any corrections in future.
• Font Size can be modified from small to large in relation to one`s own taste.
• 3 distinct Font Colors are available to choose from.
• 3 agreeable Background Colors are also accessible.
• Reset and Save Buttons can be utilized to amend or maintain any previously made changes in Settings.
• Share option is also on hand which lets user communicate others about this greatly valuable app via diverse sharing platforms.

Download this free and easy to utilize collection of Sahih Hadith to gain insight about many of the valid Ahadith compiled by Imam Muslim.


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