Five Pillars of Islam

framework of Muslim Life
The Smartphone application of Five Pillars of Islam is a must have educational mobile tool for all the Muslims as it consists of necessary information about all 5 Components of Islam, i.e. Shahadah (Completion of Faith), Salah (Daily Prayers), Zakat (Charity), Sawm (Fasting), and Hajj (Pilgrimage).

Some of the most distinguished features of this mobile phone app are given below:
• Nice display of the text as well as overall user interface.
• Swiping option is present within each Description making it easy to scroll through all detail effortlessly.
• Complete detail about every Islamic Pillar leading to user`s comprehensive know-how about them.
• Share choice helps in lettings others get familiar with this highly useful app utilizing different online distribution platforms.

The information in this mobile app is divided into 5 groups which are actually the 5 Pillars of Islam:

1. Shahadah
The very first Pillar is that of accomplishment of Religious Conviction which is explained in this section. Components (Believing in One God and Prophet Muhammad PBUH) and Conditions (Certainty, Acceptance and Submission etc.) of Shahadah are adequately described here.

2. Salah
Information like Types of Salah (Fard, Wajib and Sunnah etc.), Qibla, Pre-requisites, Makrooh Things, Doubts and Valid Doubts, Dress Requirements and Requisites of offering Namaz are explained in this segment.

3. Zakat
Here, User comes to know about all the necessary things about Charity in Islam like Entitlement of Receiving and Giving, Obligatory Requirements to be fulfilled and Concept of Nisab (Minimum amount to be paid).

4. Sawm
In this segment, the app consumer is informed concerning essential matters related to Fasting such as its Types, Things invalidating it, Conditions of non observance, Exempted Individuals and Kaffarah of missed Sawm.

5. Hajj
The fifth and last Constituent of Islam, i.e. Hajj is sufficiently described in this division in terms of its Prerequisites, Preparation, Fundamental and Compulsory Acts to accomplish, and Components of Pilgrimage.

Get this free and user friendly Smartphone application of Five Pillars of Islam in order to increase your knowledge regarding successful achievement of chief Islamic Obligations.


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