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Islam Pro 2017 is an Android App which is designed with the sole purpose of educating newly converted Muslims to enlighten them with the significance of Islamic teachings. This App covers all the core content requires by best practicing Muslims.

Main Screen Categories:
• Accurate Qibla Locator, helping in finding the exact location of Qibla all across the world. You can change the
view of Qibla to location and dial wise.
• Visual Qibla includes multiple Qibla dials in diverse colors.
• Salat timings module helps to set accurate Salat five days in a day with the option of alarm accordingly.
• The best feature of this app is Al Quran Mp3 which is embedded in Islam Pro android app which provides 22+
translations, transliteration and audio mp3 recitations.
• Tasbeeh feature is added to facilitate the users with daily and frequent short recitations including convenient
and easy to use Tasbih counter.
• For Dhikr (Zikar) many known Islamic tasbhi are added along with the number of times a Muslim should recite.
• Hilal mosque finder for searching your nearby mosque.
• Hilal food finder for locating those restaurants which are offering Halal foods if you are on a road trip or away in
some other country.

Other features include:
• Hijri calendar
• Islamic Duas
• 99 names of Allah

Islam Pro module includes following content for increasing your learning capabilities in respect to Islamic content. This learning is later by tested in the form of test taken at the end of each module. Content includes:
• Islam: All about the religion Islam
• Muhammad (PBUH): All about prophet hood
• Allah: Attributes of Allah Almighty
• Pillars: Five pillars of Islam
• Quran: All about Al Quran and relevance with science
• Islamic Events: Highlighting all the significant Islamic dates and events
• Judgment Day: Doomsday introduction
• Muslims in World: All about the Muslims of five continents
• Prophets: Details about Prophets who are mentioned in Quran
• Daily Life as a Muslim: Halal Food guide, how a Muslim should dress, behavior in Relationship and daily
• Islam in Society: About Jihad, Muslim character, Shariah and Sunnah of Prophet (PBUH)
• Six Articles of Faith: 6 articles including Oneness of God, messengers, Angels , Revelations, Day of Judgment
and Destiny

Download this best package which is full of Islamic tools and will help you in finding Qibla direction, reminds you of Salat timings, provides Digital tasbeeh (tally) to rescite in your leisure time, helps in listening to the beautiful recitation of Quran in your native language, offers to locate nearby mosques and halal restaurants. Do review us and we love to listen from you


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