Quran with Persian

Quran with Translation in Persian
Quran Persian is a complete Android Quran for the native Farsi Speakers to facilitate them with the divine teachings of Quran e Kareem. It has covered all 144 chapters of Quran in easy-to-use and user-friendly interface.

Major features on main screen include Quran, which has encapsulated all the Makhi and Madani chapters along translation In Persian and transliteration with quick settings as per user requirements.
Sajda (bow) has included all the 14 places in Quran where it is compulsory for a Muslim recitor to bow down and prostrate in front of Allah.

Stopping Signs has covered significant rules for the recitation and learning of Quran. It has enlisted all those Arabic signs which are important to consider whilst recitation of Quran e Kareem. This feature is important for those who are new to learning and want to recite Quran with proper Tajweed (Quran rules).

Settings within Quran entail:
· Change of Font style and Font size for user ease of accessibility.
· Change of language other than Persian that includes Chinese, English, Bangla, Malay, Urdu, Spanish, Dutch, French, and Indonesian. Choose which language deem appropriate and easy for the recitation and memorization of Quran.
· Mp3 audio Recitation of each word, verse, and entire chapter of Quran
· Go To option for quick access and launch of desirable verse within Quran
· Save settings and sharing options on user desirable social medium.

Quran is a book of guidance for those who want to seek and contemplate it. Download this feature-enrich Islamic Application and grab maximum bounties of Allah Rab ul Aalameen.


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