Surah Yasin Francais

Surah yasin with Translation in French Language
Surah Yasin with French translation is an application featuring full verses of Surah Yasin along translation, transliteration, and audio mp3 recitation. The purpose of this App is to enlighten the soul of French Muslims with the divine translation and recitation of Surah Yaseen.

This Application entails:

French Translation: Listen and read Surah Yasin with français translation

MP3 Recitation: User can listen to the soulful audio recitation in the voice of renowned reciters including Abdul Rahman Al Sudais & Mishary Rashid Al Afsay

Change of theme: customize settings to change font style and font size for each verse of the Surah
Transliteration: Tajweed for easy pronunciation of each word and verse

Other Translations: Translation of Surah Yasin in 12 languages including Spanish , Urdu , Chinese , Persian , Italian , Dutch , Indonesia , Hindi , Malay , Bengali , English (Saheeh) , English (Picktal) , English (Shakir) , English (Maududi) , English (Daryabadi) , English (Yusuf Ali)

Surahs of Quran included:
1. Surah Rahman: which is the adornment of Quran, soothes the hearts of the believers
2. Surah Mulk: The reverend Surah of Quran e Hakeem, which shields against the afflictions and punishment of grave
3. Surah Kahf: one significant Surah which will help against the pugnacities of Anti Christ (Dajal)
4. Surah Waqiya: The divinity of which is proven with the authentic Hadith that it alleviates poverty and makes you enrich by heart

Benefits & Blessings: Introduction & Blessings section included for aforementioned Surahs of Quran Al Kareem. Learn the benefits and blessings of memorizing, and reciting all the divine chapters of Quran in French language.

Download this beautiful application and start learning the blessings and benefits of Surah Yasin.


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Jun 22, 2016




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