Surah Rahman Bangla

Rahman with Translation in Bangla
Surah Rahman Bangla is an Islamic android app which is designed to facilitate the people of Bangladesh and enlightened them with the knowledge of Surah Rahman. The spirit of this app is to spread the knowledge of divine Book in the people.

Following are the distinctive feature of this app:

Essential features of this app:
Translation and Transliteration: Translation of Surah Rahman in English and Bengali language makes the learning easier especially for those people who belong to Bangladesh are not well aware of Arabic Language.
Benefits and Blessings: This section of Surah describes the blessings and benefits which the reciter achieve after the recitation of that Surah.
Audio Recitation: Audio Recitation of each and every verse in multiple Heart touching voices makes this app more attractive for the user.
Switch to Start: Through this option user can switch to the start of the Surah from where he wants.
Font size: This feature allowed the user to change the font according to their conformability level.

Download this app for free and get the blessings and rewards from Allah Almighty on the Day of Judgment


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Jan 25, 2016




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