7 Physical Benefits of Saying Salat

In the five Islamic pillars, Salat is the most commonly performed and perhaps the distinctive quality of Muslims. It is the five times a day prayer that differentiates Muslims from non-Muslims in terms of their form of worship. It is an obligation upon every Muslim and they all have to learn and perform Salat without any excuse.

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Every Muslim is aware of the benefits and importance of Salat. It brings a Muslim close to Allah Almighty, serves as a form of invocation, helps find solace from the troubles of this world and increases the chances of a Muslim getting higher reward in the world hereafter. Therefore, without any doubt every Muslim offers Salat as a means of fulfilling his or her obligation and becoming more pious and righteous.

In addition to all the religious and spiritual benefits, Salat also comes with physical benefits. Although Muslims primarily offer it because of its religious obligations, however, the present day science has enabled people to see the physical benefits of it as well and now Muslims can also offer Salat with the secondary objective of keeping physically healthy.

Physical Advantages of Salat

The lines below discuss the seven major physical benefits that a person can achieve by offering Salat five times a day.

Improved Body Posture:

Having an improper body posture is one of the most common things to which people search for a treatment. An improper posture can occur because of various reasons dealing with the way a person walks or the kind of work he or she does. When a Muslim performs Salat, standing in the state of Niyyah is the best exercise he or she can have for an improved body posture. The feet of a person are evenly apart, the body is firm and straight, the hands are tide at a place which makes the backbone aligned and straight and the position of the head is looking downwards that also allows the body to loosen while being in a firm position. Thus, in such a posture the brain as well as the body is at ease and when such a portion is practiced multiple times everyday, it definitely helps improve the posture of the body.

Secretion of Glands:

The sounds that a person produces has an effect on the secretion of glands. All the sounds go to the brain and their they either trigger or stop the secretion of the glands. In this regard it is the state of Qiyaam in which a Muslim performs the longer recitations. During this part of the prayer a Muslim recites Surah Fatiha that contains almost all the long vowels the sound vibrations of which when produced they give the signal to the mind to increase the secretion of glands like pituitary gland, thyroid gland in addition to increasing the condition of lungs as well. Thus, the recitation of Surah Fatiha in the Qiyam part of the Salat offering helps improve the function of glands and lungs function as well as the health of it all.

Stretches The Body:

In offering of Salat there is the state of Ruku in which a Muslim bends to the knees while keeping the back and the hands straight. This posture of offering prayers is one of the best ways of stretching the body without overdoing it. When a Muslim is in such a posture, the back, the thighs and the calves of a person get fully stretched and the blood flow towards the upper part of the body also improves. In addition to making the body stretch this posture also helps work on the core of the Salat offering person as well as it works on the abdominal muscles and serves as a crunch for them as well. Therefore, as a result of this posture a person gets to stretch the body five times a day and also helps strengthen the core of a person as well.

Abs Control:

All over the world there are people preaching different kinds of abs exercises and there are people who are searching for different abs execeises to control their belly fat and keep it slim. In this regard, the Sajadah posture of Salat can help a great deal in controlling the belly from expanding and accumulating fats. The knees and both the feet are on the ground while the head goes to the ground in such a way that a refined pressure is put on the abdominal muscle making them strong. This type of exercise is recommended for women who want to hold the fetus in the proper position. Therefore, if you wish to control your abs and make them slim then prayers five times a day is a good exercise for doing so.

Blood Flow:

People have blood pressure problems because of the blood flow. They have either too much blood flowing to a particular part of the body or they have very low blood flowing to a certain part. To avoid such a blood flow problem that can lead to blood pressure issues, all the posture in Salat help regulate the blood to all the parts of the body. The Qiyam position helps keep the blood flow in a normal position, the Ruku posture helps the blood in flowing to the upper part of the body, while in the state of Tashud the blood flows to the lower part of the body as well. Therefore, all the movements in Salat can help regulate the blood flow to all parts of the body.

Improved Digestion:

During the Quud state where men sit with their right foot curled while women sit with both feet sole up under their bodies this posture can help improve digestion in both the genders. For male it works on the liver and improves the liver function and relaxes the large intestine, whereas in women it provides greater relaxation that eventually aids in relaxing the body and forces the stomach contents in the downwards direction assisting in better bowel movement.

General Cleanilness:

It is obvious that to offer Salat a Muslim needs to be in a pure state of cleanliness. In this regard a Muslim performs Wudu before every prayer that helps clean the outer surface of the body which is the best thing that can happen for the skin. Therefore, the general state of cleanliness in all the areas of the body leads to the skin staying healthy and a person feeling light and lively.

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Therefore, for those who want to take more out of Salat other than simple religious benefits, for them Salat is a complete exercise that can help keep their body and mind healthy and the regular offering of it every day five times does lead to longevity.

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