Epidemics, Coronavirus And Islamic Guidelines

Islam is a complete code of life and guides for each walk of life equally. The guidelines set 1400 years ago by Prophet SAW and his companions are mind-boggling. Islamic guidelines were apt at that time and the world should follow those inspirational paths in these hours of epidemic and outbreak.  

Islamic guidelines over epidemics to shield individuals from death and affliction return to the beginning periods of the development of the monotheistic religion.

pandemics and islamic guidelines

Prophet Muhammad SAW said,

“When you hear that a plague is in a land, do not enter it and if the plague breaks out in a place while you are in it, do not leave that place,” Prophet Muhammad said, according to the narration (Sahih al-Bukhari).

“Do not place a sick patient with a healthy person,” the Prophet adds in another narration (Sahih al-Bukhari).

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On numerous events, the Prophet Muhammed SAW prompted his allies to esteem their lives as the most extreme significance over death in his various (hadiths), asking individuals to avoid places where there were plagues.

“Our Prophet talks about the idea of isolate fourteen hundred years prior,”

“At the point when you hear that [a plague] is in a land, don’t go to it and if it happens in a land that you are as of now in, at that point don’t leave it, escaping from it,” the Prophet SAW broadly said.

“This maxim precisely alludes to the rule of the current isolate. What it has been right now working on [concerning the coronavirus outbreak] is a similar rule as the guidance of the Prophet.”

As the Covid-19 episode keeps on executing a huge number of individuals over the world, the Prophet Muhammed’s recommendation on the most proficient method to react to a pandemic offers inspiration to individuals to wait in their homes and shield themselves from the dangerous infection.

The most significant part of the pandemic is the component of human contact, which ought to be diminished to the least conceivable level to limit the infection’s lethal impact.

Islam and plagues

“Numerous hundreds of years back, our Prophet encouraged his kin to take out the component of contact to spare lives. It shows the amount of Islam esteems insurance of life and wellbeing.”

The Prophet likewise carefully saw what he prompted his allies about the epidemics as he had done in different issues.

“The Prophet gives the most extreme significance to his wellbeing and general wellbeing. At the point when he was in Medina and was going to settle on concurrence with one of the designations, he would not warmly greet one of the individuals [from the delegation], who had an infectious ailment, sending him back [to where he came from],”

During the standard of Caliph Umar RA, who was one of the four honest caliphs after the Prophet SAW, Muslims additionally attempted to rehearse what the Prophet SAW asked them to do in the hour of a scourge.

At the point when one of the Muslim armed forces moved toward an area in current Syria or in the old Levant, where there was a plague, back in the mid-seventh century,

“Caliph Umar asked the military authority to withdraw from the undertaking notwithstanding the plague,”

Be that as it may, the request didn’t seem, by all accounts, to be satisfied wholeheartedly.

At that point, he by and by moving to an area to meet with administrators to talk about the circumstance. At the point when the contradiction proceeded, he talked with various scope of consultants to arrive at an extreme choice.

At long last, he chose the choice to avoid the plague.

“I am returning in the first part of the day, so return also,” Umar stated, announcing his choice to withdraw.

Abu Ubaydah ibn Jarrah RA, the officer of the military and probably the closest companion, who died later from the plague, communicated about Umar RA’s choice, asking: “Would you say you are escaping from the declaration of Allah?”

“Indeed, we are escaping from the declaration of Allah to the pronouncement of Allah,” Umar RA broadly answered.

Despite Hazrat Umar RA’s measures, the scourge despite everything murdered numerous individuals.

“The plague prompted the passings of about 25,000 Muslims at that point.”

Islam’s guidelines about death

In various cases, the Prophet Muhammed exhibited his abhorrence of wanting for death under any conditions.

“None of you should want for death because of a disaster that has harassed him,” Prophet Muhammed SAW said in one of his well-known hadiths, asking Muslims to discover authentic and defensive approaches to endure.

Significantly under the most desperate turns of events, he encouraged his allies to appeal to God for a decent destiny and prosperity.

“However on the off chance that he should accomplish something, let him state: O Allah, keep me alive insofar as life is beneficial for me, and cause me to bite the dust if demise is better for me,” the Prophet SAW said in the continuation of a similar hadith.

“Islam has needs [about life], encouraging Muslims to ensure five principle things during their lifetimes. They are to ensure life, to secure insight, to secure confidence, to ensure [financial] assets, and in conclusion to ensure posterity.”

Islam’s “to ensure life” rule essentially alludes to securing individual and general wellbeing.

“A plague undermines both individual and general wellbeing. Accordingly, a Muslim ought to carefully follow instructions of pandemic specialists to secure his/her own life just as general wellbeing,”

Muslims need to comply with social separating rules in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic as per the guidance of the Prophet.

“If somebody contaminates the infection to another person because of our numbness or intentional activity, he/she disregards the tainted individual’s legitimate due.”

“On the off chance that the tainted individual passes on in light of the infection-related illness, ― May Allah secure ―, it implies the individual, who contaminated the other individual, additionally drove his/her demise one might say, [becoming liable for the death].”


We are hopeful that Allah SWT with his Hikmah and power will make the end of this pandemic and the world will see again the old good days. We do pray for the individuals who passed away due to COVID-19 in all over the world that May Allah SWT bless them all and may Allah SWT forgive and save the whole world. Ameen.

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