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Islam’s Perspective of Justice in Connection With Quran and Hadith

Religion Islam standeth on five significant pillars comprising faith and practice yet two other pillars are of prime importance that conjures the edifice of Islam. Justice and peace are coexisted proximal links that tie the fundamental pillars to prevail Islamic dogmas. The purpose of sending prophets on earth is to establish justice among people by

Understanding the Concept Of “The People Of the Book” In Qur’an

Allah has blessed humans with multiple bounties out of which one is instilling the familiarity of religion that commemorates the oneness of Allah and acceptance of Muhammad as Last Messenger. Divinity of God is irrefutable and irresistible to admit but the prophecy of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is debatable in some of the religions that have

Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) And Tolerance Towards Various Religions

Islam is the religion of peace, which is the sole accepted religion in sight of Allah Almighty. Despite this concrete fact, Islam realizes that there are plural of religions on earth as religion is not to be and can never be forced upon an individual against their will. No Muslim have steadfastly upheld the level

Is Islam in Favor of Female Education Or Against It?

Oppressed, subjugated, and inferior are the words that jolt one’s nerves when it comes to knowing the stature of women in Islam. Islam the religion of peace emphasizes keenly upon the acquisition of knowledge by abandoning gender discrimination. The daily reporting of banning women from education, casting votes, and school demolishing is a cultural perspective

Sanctity of Muharram According to Teachings of Quran and Hadith

The supremacy of Allah and His ultimate omnipotence is irrefutable and bears a purpose behind its creation be a soul on earth or land. Allah has given a specific timeframe to Muslims to spend the lives accordingly by contemplating Quran teaching to grasp the blessings. The favors of Allah Almighty entail the sacredness embedded in

Learn Quran Before You Pass Any Kind of Judgment

We are living in a time of lavishness where one prefers to gossip and has no ample time to testify the rumor. People befell for anecdotes resulting in wreckage leaving behind dust of truths and facts. Rumors usually are orphan enough to hatch a sheer truth hence deserves rectification prior judging someone on its fluke