Celebrating Eid-Ul-Adha In The True Spirit

Muslims have two Eids every year, Eid is a day when Muslims celebrate with joy and there is happiness and cheerfulness all around. First is Eid ul Fitr that comes after the month of Ramadan, while the second eid is Eid ul Adha that is celebrated at the end of Hajj in the month of Dul-Hijja.

Out of the two Eids, it is a general observation that Muslims celebrate Eid ul Fitr with more joy and spirit compared to the latter Eid. In preaching of Islam and from noble Qur’an reading a Muslim knows that both the eids are of same importance and bring the same blessings. However, among present Muslims, the spirit of celebration of Eid ul Fitr supersedes Eidul Adha. The lines below explain how Eid ul Adha can be celebrated with full spirt.

Increasing Ibadaah:

One of the major reasons why Muslims tend to celebrate Eid ul Fitr with more spirit compared to Eid ul Adha is because before Eid ul Fitr here is the Holy month of Ramadan. In Ramadan, Muslims do extensive Ibadaah and fasting, so when the month ends, Eid comes as a reward for all the Muslims, thus all the joy and celebrations.

On the other hand, before Eid ul Adha there is no such month. The fact of the matter is that most Muslims are ignorant of the importance of the month of Dul Hijjah. The first 10 days of Dul Hijjah are of extreme importance for a Muslim. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) has called the first 10 days of Dul Hijjah as the best days, and last 10 nights of Ramadan as the best nights of the year. Therefore, the importance of Dul Hijjah is at par with the importance of Ramadan.

Moreover, the Companions of Prophet (PBUH) would fast, say excessive prayers do good deeds, ask forgiveness from Allah Almighty excessively during the first 10 days of Dul Hijjah, and hence without any doubt they were able to celebrate Eid ul Adha with full joy and spirit.

Therefore, if we realize the importance and significance of the first 10 days of Dul Hijjah, perform excessive Ibadah and fast in them, then Eid ul Adha would come to us as does Eid ul Fitr; full of the spirit of joy and happiness.

Relating With Ibraham:

The second reason why Muslims fail to celebrate Eid ul Adha in the way it is supposed to be celebrated is because they fail to understand the whole reason behind the activity of sacrifice. The activity of sacrificing an animal comes from Abraham.

The need is to learn Quran to find the background of the sacrifice of Abraham. Abraham saw a dream in which He was ordered by Allah Almighty to sacrifice his son in His name. Abraham complied with it and when He was sacrificing His son, it was replaced by a ram. The message behind this whole sacrifice of Abraham was to submit to the will of Allah Almighty and sacrifice His most beloved belonging on His order.

If Muslims relate to the sacrifice of Abraham, and understand that Eid ul Adha is all about sacrificing their will upon the command of Allah, then they will be able to enjoy the Eid ul Adha in full spirit. Moreover, the love for sacrifice can easily be developed, if Muslims brought the animal for sacrifice to their homes a month before the day of sacrifice. This way they will feed it, care for it, and develop a feeling for it, thus the sacrifice would be a sacrifice of something loved. Thus by relating to Abraham, Muslims can enjoy Eid ul Adha with full spirit and joy.

Sunnah of Prophet (PBUH):

Either it’s the events of daily life, or the Islam rituals, there is no better personality to look at than Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). His Sunnah is the best example when it comes to celebration of eids. If Muslims could just do what Prophet (PBUH) did on the day of Eid ul Adha, then it would suffice for the spirit of joy and celebration. Some of the Sunnahs of Prophet (PBUH) pertaining to the day of Eid ul Adha are as follows:

  • Doing ghusl on the day of Eid
  • Wearing the most beautiful clothes when going for Eid prayers
  • He would go for prayers walking from one way and come back from the other way
  • Say the Eid prayers in the prayer place
  • Congratulate all the fellows for Eid
  • Eat nothing before eating the meat of the animal He sacrificed

Bottom Line:

The reason Muslims are not able to or do not celebrate Eid ul Adha as they do Eid ul Fitr is because they lack the feeling that is developed in the month of Ramadan. If Muslims realized the importance of first 10 days of Dul Hijjah (prayed and fast in them), relate to the sacrifice given by Abraham, and on the day of Eid observed the Sunnah of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), then we as Muslims will be able to celebrate and enjoy Eid ul Adha the way it needs to be celebrated, with the spirit of joy, happiness and sacrifice.

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