Complete Hajj Guide – Free App to Learn How to Perform Hajj

Complete Hajj Guide is an inclusive free app developed by The Online Academy, entailing everything what it takes to accurately perform pilgrimage. Therefore, Muslims, who are planning to go to Hajj sooner or later, can make use of this guide inform of mobile app to know the Munaasik e Hajj. Also, having this app in your mobile phone during the time of Hajj, serves as a primary source and Hajj tutor. The app is available for iPhone and Android phone users. You can download it using the following buttons as per your requirements.

Complete Hajj

Benefits of Complete Hajj Guide

Complete Hajj Guide app will provide you a comprehensive information about the things you need to be careful while performing Hajj. Its benefits are:

hajj guide islamic app

  1. A helpful companion before and during Hajj which you can consult every time you are unsure about a step of hajj.
  2. The specification about Ihram and its sanctity are highlighted which helps in maintaining respect of the Ihram and keeping away from the prohibited acts.
  3. The Telephone book is the most important feature during hajj as you can consult it to call on important numbers in case of emergency.
  4. Map helps you in finding directions of the different locations at the time of hajj.
  5. Different health and safety tips for the benefit of Hajj performers are part of the app which can be a source of counseling during Hajj.

hajj guide smartphone app

Features of Complete Hajj Guide

  1. Hajj: The Hajj section contains detailed information about Hajj, its prerequisites and its Manasik. You’ll be able to read how to prepare yourself for Hajj before you start the sacred journey of pilgrimage. The fundamentals of Hajj or Manasik-e-Hajj are included to remind you about each and every step of the holy pilgrimage.
  2. Ihram: Ihram is the dressing code to be followed during Hajj which has different restriction to be followed in the state of Ihram. The details about how Ihram is worn by Muslim men and women and what actions are obligatory or prohibited in Ihram are shared in detail.
  3. Tele book: Important telephone numbers and dialing codes for Makkah and Medina are shared for use in case of emergency.
  4. Map: Map is included to guide you about the directions and distances within Makkah and Medina.
  5. Overview: A short overview of Hajj is given to guide you through the pilgrimage.
  6. Gallery: A picture gallery containing pictures of the Holy Kaaba, Masjid-e-Haram, Masjid-e-Nabwi is featured in Complete Hajj Guide to refresh your Iman while you learn about Hajj.
  7. Miscellaneous Tips:  Helpful tips about health, safety and security are shared to make sure that you know everything you need during Hajj.


In short, Complete Hajj Guide is a useful tutor for those who are looking to get themselves trained for pilgrimage to Mecca. So install this app in your smartphone and inform yourself with Islamic pilgrimage requirements and process.