Download Surah Rahman App – Listen to The Soulful Surah On The Go

Quran is the ultimate source of guidance and a beacon of light for the whole of humanity. It is the Holy Scripture of Muslims and for guidance in any matter of life, whether it is worldly or spiritual, Muslims turn towards learning of Quran as seekers of guidance and mentorship.

Surah Rahman App:

When it comes to Quran, although each and every verse of it has unimaginable importance for Muslims and they revere them equally, however, there are some Surahs of Quran that are more prominent and popular among Muslims compared to others. Surah Rahman is one of such Surahs of Quran that enjoys humungous popularity and fame among Muslims and they recite frequently and in majority of cases on regular daily bases.

To make listening and reciting of Surah Rahman easier for Muslims on the go, offers Surah Rahman app that contains the recitation as well as text of the whole Surah, so that Muslims could recite it along with listening to its recitation as well. You can download this beautiful app from the following platforms:

Surah Rahman

Benefits For User:

Besides the fact that this app serves as a means of getting religious reward for a Muslim, there are various other app related benefits, which a user can avail. The lines below enlist such major benefits.

surah rahman with translation

  1. The user can listen to the whole recitation of the Surah in a single go. Therefore, the app in itself serves as a player that plays the whole Surah without the need of constantly looking at the screen.
  2. With the help of play and pause functionality, those who are not fluent in Arabic can easily recite and listen to the recitation of the Surah one ayah after another.
  3. There is the English translation and transliteration of the Arabic text as well. Therefore, those who are not Arab natives and they can neither understand nor pronounce Arabic can benefit from the translation and transliteration for better understanding and recitation.

rahman smartphone appFeatures:

The app is equipped with all the features that a user can want from an Islamic app that is soulful and elevating. Although the app is simple recitation app, however, there are some features that make it distinct from rest of the apps in the market. Some major features of the app are as follows:

  1. Color Customization – Those who wish to add aesthetic to their pleasure of reading Surah Rahman from the app can customize the color of the text as well as the background in the app. The app offers three text and three background colors, from which the user can choose the combination of liking.
  2. Text Size Customization – Those who cannot read from small font have the option of selecting from three different font sizes in the app.
  3. Social Share – The app can also be shared across different social platforms such Twitter, Facebook or via email.

Rahman with audio translation


In short Surah Rahman is a must have Islamic app for all those who are fond of listening to the recitation of Surah or want to recite it by themselves. With its excellent user-friendly features, the app makes listening to and recitation of Surah Rahman easy whilst on the go.