Islamic Calendar- An App for Calendar/Date Conversion

Time is of essence and in order to know about history as well as to predict the future will turn out to be, the tool used by humans is of time. It is the time to which we give dates, and these dates then makeup the human history. Therefore, whether it were people of ages ago or the people of this present technological era, knowing the dates of important events is important, especially if one wants to remain in contact with history and observe a future that resonates with it.

With regards to the contemporary prevalent Gregorian calendar, Islam also has its calendar that comprises of 12 months in a lunar year. All the  Islamic history is recorded in the  Islamic calendar, which is now referred to as the ‘Hijri Calendar’. Therefore, if a Muslim is to reflect upon his or her history and know about what happened on what date, so that it could be commemorated or celebrated at present.

 Islamic Calendar:

Islamic Calendar is an iOS and Android app presented by The Online Academy. The app is an amalgam of the Gregorian and Islamic calendar, thus helping people in knowing the Islamic date in comparison with the Gregorian date on a respective day. The major benefits and features of the app are discussed below.

Islamic Calendar


The major benefits, which the users of Islamic Calendar app will get, are as follows:

  1. Know The Hijri Date – The first major benefit of having the Islamic Calendar app is that it lets the user know about the Hijri date on a respective Gregorian date. Thus, this way while following the Gregorian calendar, one can keep track of the Islamic dates as well.
  2. Know The Important Events – The second major benefit of Islamic Calendar app is that it tells the user about the special events in the Islamic history. Therefore, if a date is highlighted in the calendar, it means that some event had took place on that very date and one can know about it by just tapping on the highlighted date.
  3. Convert Dates – Thirdly, the users of the app can easily convert the Gregorian date into Hijri date and vice a versa. This gives a chance to people to know interesting things by comparing the dates.

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Besides the standout benefits that every Muslim gets from using the apps, there are different striking features of the app as well that help in making the app user friendly.

  1. Interface – First of all it is the interface of the app that is user friendly and simplistic. The interface shows the Hijri and Gregorian dates simultaneously for the current month. Thus, making it easy for the user to know about the Hijri month and date with regards to the contemporary Gregorian month and date.
  2. Today – The present date is highlighted in the monthly calendar, therefore, it makes it simple and complication free for the user to see what is the Hijri date today instantly.
  3. Share – The users can also share the app with friends and family on different social media platforms, thus helping other people know about the app as well.

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In short, a Muslim who wants to keep the  Islamic dates in check along with the prevalent calendar dates and also wants to know about what  Islamic events are coming ahead can greatly benefit from  Islamic Calendar app.